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Description This assembly is home to all queer/feminist/trans*/intersectional people who want to meet each other, hang out, feel safe, and make friends.
Members 0range, Bangiebangs, C3o, CoopDot, Dot!, LeilaEverdeen, Lene, Obaz, Ontological, Rainy, Sirenensang, Spriver, Stefan, Theresa, Titanoboa, Zeitrafferin
Projects Code of Conduct of the Queer Feminist Geek Assembly
Self-organized Sessions Queer Feminist Geeks Gathering, ZINE making THING
Related to assembly Anarchst Village
Tags politics, queer, lgbtq, feminism, intersectionality
Registered on 12 November 2015 14:09:27
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes Queer Feminist Geeks Gathering, several workshops
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Orga contact
Brings Mattresses (wrapped in something fireproof) for making a cuddle area, ideally beneath the stairs near Noisy Square (or at least where Noisy Square is placed on the 31c3 map)

Maybe fireproof banner to make the cuddle area more private

Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 15
Extra seats 5
Assembly specification loud place ok, want low light
Planning notes We would like to sit near Noisy Square and the Anarchist Village. The place next to the stairs would be great, then we can make our cuddle area more quiet/private.
past congress review At 31c3 we had a some tables for people to hang out, mostly between 5 and 10 places were occupied I think, up to 20 people hanging out there at a time. Also we had a book box and some info material. Also we set up a cuddle corner between some tables, but unfortunately the light was too bright and the setup was not cozy enough. Also, there were some noises from the ring forging which made it hard to concentrate for some of us.

At the CCCamp we had a big village often with 10+ people hanging out, and not always the same ones. We had many workshops and projects, so we expect more people than last year to join us this congress.

Queer Feminist Geeks Assembly

This assembly is home to all queer/feminist/trans*/intersectional people who want to meet each other, hang out, feel safe, and make friends. You can bring yourself, drinks, food, or anything you like. If there are enough of us, it should be easy to make this assembly possible & wonderful. So please join and help to realize this! We will discuss about what it's like to identify as queer in tech, as a feminist, as an intersectional person concerned with oppression in a predominantly white-male-heterosexual context.

This assembly is meant to be a safe space. Safe spaces can be understood as spaces of non-oppression, non-hierarchy, and non-discrimination, whether explicit, through a community agreement, or implicit through the sharing of values. They enable members of a group to flourish, empower themselves and create community. They are also about pushing boundaries to confront all forms of sexism, racism and ableism, among others, as these are values we internalize in our societies growing up. Safe spaces are an opportunity to learn more about ourself and others to confront these internalised oppression.

If you do not self-identify as queer and feminist, you are allowed to attend but please be mindful to not take up all the space for yourself. Some of us may be available to queersplain you things, but we suggest you also try to educate yourself in easily accessible resources such as the Geek Feminism Wiki. If you're not sure, it may be nicer to ask people what's their preferred pronoun ("Are you a boy or a girl?" is not an accepted question).

Read our Code of Conduct

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