Description Meeting place for all Pythonistas, Python projects and people interested in Python (the programming language).
Members A7p, Elnappo, Geier, Hensing, Keimlink, Rm, Tw
Projects Bepasty, Borgbackup, Durga, Khal,, Saltstack
Self-organized Sessions Python.Processing.Arduino
Tags programming, python, django
Registered on 12 November 2015 14:48:50
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Orga contact
Brings We'll bring a projector and plush pythons.
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 16
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want quiet place, want sit public
Planning notes For the projector, a wall or other flat/white projection space would be nice.

If you could provide us with a ethernet switch, that would be great!

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