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DECT: 6725 "OSAK" During the 32c3 you can contact our members via the info provided on their user pages

Description Open Source Arbeitskreis der Fachschaft 1/1 der RWTH Aachen und der Aachener Linux User Group
Members Extmind, Mmoebius, Moho1, Rikus, Trilader
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Tags linux, open source, hardware hacking, pgp, python, c++, electronics, cryptoparty
Registered on 9 November 2015 22:23:43
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Orga contact
Brings Besides the usual stuff (network switches, notebooks, phones, tablets and assorted chargers and acessories) we will most likly bring some hardware hacking/electronics stuff. Basically some (switched) power supplies and maybe soldering irons.
Character of assembly just a gathering space
Seats needed 10
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification loud place ok, want sit in background, special requirements network
Planning notes A loud-ish place is Ok (last year we were located near the lockpickers and the Sendezentrum, volume was Ok most of the time).

If possible we would like more than one network cable at our table, preferably going to different switches.

We would strongly prefer not to be located in the main Hackcenter.

past congress review Last year we planned a small assembly to meet up at the congress and to talk to people doing similar things. In the end the assembly was bigger than we thought and we usually had around 5 to 8 people at out table. During popular talks or events it was less but at peak times we were around 15 people. Our location last year (near the lockpickers and the Sendezentrum) was ok.

This year we plan to bring a stationary VoIP phone for better coordination within the assembly.

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