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Description Neurofeedback, brain-computer interfaces and other interesting applications of EEGs.
Members Fractalfox, Maltman23, Mlp, Nom, Raipat, Realitygaps, Silbo, Strfry
Projects Brainduino, Brainwave Sonification
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Tags brain, eeg, hardware hacking, diybio, biohacking
Registered on 19 November 2015 15:14:33
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Brings Olimex EEG boards, BrainDuinos, OpenBCIs 8bit, Ultracortex MK2 + OpenBCI+Daisy, Muse, Versus, NeuroSky BCI, hopefully a couple of OpenBCI 32-channel EEG boards
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The Neuro Hacking Area is part of the Hardware Hacking Area, in Saal 3/Hall 3' (in the building's entrance level) for people of all ages and skill levels to come together and play, teach, learn, and share in many and diverse realms of making all sorts of physical things.

This wiki page is a placeholder and will be expanded. But to start, a short list of things we're looking at working on:

  • Open hardware and software for neurofeedback
  • Adding feedback capabilities to Mitch Altman's NeuroDreamer entrainment mask
  • Implementations of existing protocols to treat depression, insomnia, and other health problems
  • Novel protocols for treating sensory dysregulation and other things that aren't in the literature

Do you want to add yourself to this assembly? Then go to your user page, click the "Edit" tab, look under "Congress Activities" for "Assemblies" and add "Neuro Hacking" there. See you at the congress!

Give a Workshop or Demo!

Want to give a workshop or demo? Please do! There will be ongoing workshops and demos of many topics. Please go to the Sessions wiki form, and enter your workshop info (in the form, type in: "Neuro Hacking" in the "Assembly" field (it will auto-complete), and choose "Workshop" or "Demo" as the "Type").

This area is open all day and all night throughout 32C3.

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