Contact DECT: META
Description Metalab's Leiwandville.
Members Atrox, Columbia, Datacop, Ente, Hetti, Leyrer, Lumbric, MacLemon, Meks, Meta, Michalek, Miniplane, Nini, Nioram, Redplanet, Robertharm, Sjn, Wizard23, Zwax
Projects Amalettomat, MagicShifter
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Related to assembly Chaostreff Salzburg, /dev/lol
Tags metalab, amalettomat, pancakes, food hacking, hackspace, community, funkfeuer, magicshifter
Registered on 12 November 2015 21:37:31
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes MagicShifter Workshop
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Note: The location on the map does not represent a reservation of a location and might not represent the actual place, where a assembly can be found. The place can be changed within the form of the assembly by anyone. It will be updated by the assembly itself on day 0 or day 1 as soon as the actual location is known.
Orga contact
Brings Amalettomat
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 32
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want sit public, want bright light, want low light, want taking pictures allowed, special requirements network, special requirements power, special requirements other stated below
Planning notes We would like to have our assembly near the Chaoswelle assembly (if there is a seidenstrasse exit node)

special requirements power:

  • 1300W for Amalettomat

special requirements network:

  • want Seidenstraße terminal/switchpoint (for pancakes over tube mail)

very special requirements:

  • access to a fridge would be awesome!
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