Description We are a project at the TU Berlin fully organized by students. We deal wir lighter-than-air-technology and build rc-airships.
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Tags airship, helium
Registered on 3 December 2015 12:44:22
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Brings We bring a small (3m*0.5m*0.5m) RC-controlled airship for indoor flights.
Character of assembly just a gathering space
Seats needed 2
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification loud place ok, want bright light, want taking pictures allowed, special requirements network, special requirements other stated below
Planning notes Special Requirements: We want to fly indoor Airships. Thus we need our place to be in a big hall or something, where there is enough space (like 10 high or so).

Since we fly with helium we need permission to bring a pressurized bottle and we need a safe place to put it.

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HeliumHeads is a project of students of the TU Berlin. We deal with lighter-than-air technology and build small RC-airships capable of flying payloads up to 100g. Under varius names the project exists since 2001. Right know the 5th generation of students took over the project leading.

See for more information and videos of our previus work.

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