Description Forth programming language
Members Forthy, M-atthias
Projects Net2o
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Tags forth, robot, triceps, blinkenlights, bitkanone, net2o, embedded control, secure networking, arduino
Registered on 10 November 2015 21:22:29
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Brings Triceps robot (needs 1m² on a table)

Bitkanone blinkenlights (needs another 1m² on a table)

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Seats needed 4
Extra seats 2
Assembly specification want sit public, want taking pictures allowed
Planning notes
past congress review Last year we were right next to the escalator between entrance and lecture halls. That was a great place, and we had lots of good contacts.

Forth Gesellschaft e.V. is a non-profit user group for Forth programmers. Forth is a minimalistic stack-oriented programming language, fine for hacking anything from small to large systems. We do have distributed real-time Forth.

Our assembly presents:

  • Some GPL'd free software Forth systems: Gforth (PC+mobile), Mecrisp (msp430+ARM Cortex Mx), amForth (AVR, arduino) and controller boards
  • Triceps, a pick&place robot playing peg solitaire, controlled by b16, a Forth processor in FPGA - and assisted by an Android tablet running Gforth, Go on a 9x9 field against a human opponent.
  • Bitkanone, a RGB led array controlled by Mecrisp Stellaris
  • net2o, a secure P2P network stack
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