Description A place for the Debianistas, Debianonados and Debianniks to meet.
Members GyrosGeier, Mirsal
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Tags debian, linux, gnu plus linux, open source, distribution, gnu plus sysvinit
Registered on 1 December 2015 00:07:08
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Planning notes
past congress review Placement was perfect last time, with one side towards a busy path and one side towards the dark recesses, so people could choose where to sit.

As in the last years, this is the meeting point for Debian affiliated people.

You are probably welcome to sit here, if you can deal with the complete and utter lack of a cabal of incompetent elders and the fact that we have just held a General Resolution to ratify editorial changes to the General Resolution process. Feel free to talk to the people not wearing headphones if you want to get started on the long and rocky road of one time becoming eligible to vote in said General Resolution process (and upload packages, if you desire).

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