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Description Over 700 books around hacker culture for your reading pleasure. Yes, physical books! :)
Members Becha, Glaxx, Hellekin, Mo, Mwfc
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Registered on 9 November 2015 15:27:30
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Brings Many boxes of books. Shelves. Reading lamps.
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Planning notes Next to/together with La Quadrature Du The would be great again. See "past congress comments"

A couple of loungy chairs, one or two sofas, small tables, carpets! :-) Anything like that would be great. Bookshelves if you can get some.

past congress review Last year, the placement together with La Quadrature was perfect. Also that you guys managed to put nice chairs and sofas as well as a shelf and some carpets -- excellent! If we can get that again, this would totally be above our expectations. We will also work closer with La Quadrature before the event this time to merge things on site more.

We do have several hundreds of _more_ books than last year. If you manage to find nice shelves let us know so we don't have to organize that.


  • tl;dr: We want your books! Bring them and add them to our library, either temporarily or semi-permanently!
  In December 2014, over 500 books were brought to Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg for an experiment:
  During the busy days of Congress, with over 12.000 visitors, how will people react to a library of dead trees?
  In partnership with La Quadrature Du Thé and the Congress team, a cozy reading area was set up on the fourth floor.
  For us Dead Tree Lovers, to see all seats and carpet space occupied almost 24/7 by interested readers filled us with

  The library lives on! And has considerably grown since. The database now contains over 666 titles. As a travelling 
  library, we will bring it to places near you, to hacker events and hackerspaces, to other public spaces. 
  It is currently hosted and accessible around the clock at OpenLab Augsburg, Germany, for free borrowing or cheap
  purchase, replacing existing books by other used copies. The database is limited in that it does not yet contain 
  all of the historical material that we have so far collected on the earlier days of hacking, pre-80s. Thanks 
  to Werner Pieper, a friend of Wau Holland and publisher, we have started to add rare material from the good old 
  times when hacking was part of the broader political counterculture movement and not yet mainstream. Thanks to
  the CCC, we are now hosting an almost complete paper archive of the Chaos Computer Club publication 'Die Datenschleuder'. 
  The Humanistische Union (HU) donated most (all?) of their publications.
  WE WANT MORE. The library needs your help. Please send us your books or bring them to the exhibition! Or better
  yet, send us offers first. 
  We're open for anything tech, political, scifi, anything really, as long as you feel it influenced your life 
  profoundly and is worth reading. The focus is hacker culture and its history in the broader sense. It is not 
  necessary to give your books away forever, we can log the source and return it if and when you want it back.
  You can also mail us books:
  Dead Tree Lovers c/o OpenLab Augsburg e.V.
  Elisenstrasse 1
  D-86159 Augsburg, Germany

JOIN! We have started a mailing list to discuss all kinds of book matters: book scanning, library software (or lack thereof), book recommendations etc. at and generally hang out in #deadtreelovers on hackint.

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