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Contact organized via twitter: @a_z_e_t @_gtank @FiloSottile @DrWhax @Daeinar @ralphholz @Fr333k @hanno @mjos_crypto @zakirbpd @lotharrr @secumod @kyleisom et al.
Description 3rd day: tue., 28th dec., start 22:00 at the La Quadrature TeaHouse.

please see below for more information!

Members Azet
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Subassembly of TeaHouse
Related to assembly TeaHouse, Anarchist Village
Tags crypto, crypto anarchist, cypherpunks, privacy, anonymity
Registered on 17 December 2015 18:30:51
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Orga contact
Brings brainz. maybe tea as well.
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Seats needed 20
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Assembly specification want quiet place, want sit public, want low light, want taking pictures banned
Planning notes We already discussed with the Tea Tent people. We'll hang out there.
past congress review Did this impromptu last year.

happening on the 3rd day of 32c3; that's Tuesday, 29th of December. starting at 22:00 - 22:30 local wall clock time -- possibly going on until late at night -- at the La Quadrature du Net TeaHouse.

Like last year we'll have an informal meetup of crypto engineers, cypherpunks, cryptographers, hobbyists, tinfoil hedge-fund managers and interested people to talk about crypto, obviously. and (network) security, usable security, OPSEC, curves, digital currencies, kleptography, anonymity,.. maybe even politics.

Feel free to join. We're all friendly people. Be nice as well. No hardcore math nor programming skills required (that last one's probably useful though).

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