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  • Who does Lamination? (Info-Desk vs. Heaven) (=> no description in wiki.)

jz: Lamination: For badges, if needed @ heaven. Everything else: I don't care. Having the lamination stuff @ heaven allows for more control and less bullshitting (cheese anyone?)

  • will there be 3x3-Walkers again? (don't wiki)
    • ask: jz, honk

jz: 3x3-Walkers have been put in as optional, on request stuff. We don't know yet, but that doesn't matter. No info in the wiki needed. These "walk trough the building at night and check if everything is okay"-shifts might be needed, but we'll decide that on the fly.

  • add emergency door bouncers to wiki if needed (sva says no, passe added it as missing to the pad)

jz: It's a wiki. If we need these shifts again (and I think we will), we can add them to the wiki/angel-system.

need help (=content) with:

  • CERT (is the CERT-Team happy with what I've written?; asked via email)
  • Security (bouncers are described in entry/exit, 3x3-walkers should not be in the wiki, what else is there to write?)
  • Translation (asked via mailing list)

jz: Let's play it a little slow here please. Thanks for putting in the effort, but before we've decided how we roll this year, we shouldn't put too much work into it.

Registering as an Angel is not possible


I want to volunteer at the congress but i can not register a new account at the AngelSystem. Can anybody help me with this please. --Nos (talk) 00:42, 14 December 2014 (CET)

Registration will open on Monday. No worries. --jz

Update for Food Angels (no edit rights)

Chaos angels and the crew are self-catered. So we need some angels that take care of that.

For info ask around in the Heaven. There are shifts for people doing the sandwiches, for delivering food to the teams and for help with the warm meals throughout the day. --CleanAir (talk) 22:00, 15 December 2014 (CET)