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Document press reviews; give us your own feedback. Link to your photos.


The press review can be found here: Press Review


Please also give feedback on the lecture you've seen, a link is available on each event of the Fahrplan :


  • so many colors!
  • smoking in the lounge +1
  • Meklenboerger +1
    • You spoiled us with the most amazing catering. Thanks!
  • no matecalypse! <3
  • Movie! (citizenfour)+1
    • I'd be in to watch another movie next congress...
  • CERT <3
  • Makerspace
  • Food for angels <3 +1
  • Angels hackcenter +1 +1
  • Grape limo <3 +1
  • Gyms for people with a tight budget +1
    • Big thanks especially to the gym angels
  • Bus/S-Bahn timetable at the infodesk
  • network (wired and wireless) was pretty stable this year \o/
  • all the magic
  • Moshing with fellow nerds to a set by Alec Empire, then wiping the floor in the snowglobe
  • Felt welcomed and safe and secure 24/7
  • Many cosy spaces to hang out


  • Smoking in the lounge
    • The whole Area is pretty much useless for those who dont smoke.
    • For people with health problems, it was off-limits. For people who come from countries that have banned such primitive activities, it was appalling. For my clothes it was time to burn.
  • Smoking in the building
  • Music in the lounge was unbearably loud. It was totally unnecessary to have a giant stack of speakers and to turn it to 11. You had to yell to talk to people. A lounge should be comfortable, where you can relax and have a drink and talk with people. A nightclub is where you should have your eardrums shattered while your lungs collapse from the bass.
  • The beer tasted like a rotten skunk on antibiotics that just ate a durian, and then took a piss in a bottle. I was disappointed, Germany is supposed to be known for its beer.
  • All the Smoke from the Lounge in the Mixed Assembly Area.
  • "no pictures" violated by the video operators. Esp. visible during the closing event when the angels stand up. Please just don't do any audience shots at all.
    • I personally have no problem when the total view camera in the background shows people, as long as there are not individualy recognizable. The stream viewers were very thankful to get a feeling of the hall. --Andi (talk) 14:48, 18 January 2015 (CET)
  • Huge queues at clothing stand
  • Limited food selection, huge queues at buffet
    • Solution to fix this : don't provide food anymore.
    • I feel the food gets worse every year. It may be sufficient for a one-day trade event in the CCH. But all in all it is more "junk food" than anything else, and rather overpriced (excuse me french, but: €4.50 for a small prepackaged bowl of stale salad -- are you shitting me?)
  • A main source of infection during the stomach flu outbreak was the pre-washing of dishes at the angels buffet. 500 angels washing their dishes (and hands) in the same cold water with all the scraps in it is not a very good idea. Although it may be an unwanted job: Maybe have a dishwashing Angel for this in the future wearing gloves etc for protection?
  • remote areas of building were not really used (=> packed main areas)
    • More and bigger signs and maps in more obvious places?
  • Live subtitling was disturbing during the talks.
    • I believe it wasn't so much the subtitles themselves but their quality. I realize live subtitling is very, very hard to do, and I have no insight into the process of professional live subtitling. But I cannot imagine the subtitles could have been of great use to anyone. In the talks I attended, the subtitles were horribly incomplete (oftentimes ending mid-sentence, restarting half a minute later in the talk) and oftentimes just plain wrong, not only in grammar and spelling, but also in meaning. Also, it seemed that sometimes multiple people were typing at the same time? Maybe it would be better to provide subtitles with the recorded content and give up on live subtitles until they can reach some threshold of quality.
  • WiFi network was very unstable.
    • The NOC would probably like to know where and what kind of device/which network you used, to be able to do anything about it next time.
  • unclear gym schedules. Gym 2 wasn't available on day 0 (wi was ambigious about it). ALso, gym 2 closed at 8 o'clock on the 30th, which was very party-incompatible :( and explained nowhere.
  • Change the crappy bottle openers, those of Bar Lounge (Hall H) were good, not the others : good also good, order more like these. shit, throw them away.
  • The advisory "wash your hands" was okay, but the instructions added afterwards was written in german, should have been english.
  • The "make your own ring" assembly was incredibly loud and annoying around the clock.
  • People queueing for talks that weren't even popular, then rushing in as soon as the Q+A starts, desperately reserving seats, engaging in loud conversations about where to sit and how many seats to reserve for their friends and whatnot and consequently keeping those who were actually interested in the Q+A from hearing it. This has to stop. This is not how to be excellent to each other!


  • maybe we can tell everyone about the picture policy right at the entrance, in person? There were people who managed to miss all the signs, but were understanding to not take my picture.
    • Talking about the picture policy will be hard when you have several 1000s of people going through the entrance in 15 minutes after the lunch break
      • Maybe post signs on both sides of the check in and more signs in the building
      • Responsibility of everyone to admonish others if you catch them filming. I caught a visitor filming randomly around congress with his smartphone and told him not to do so. He was rather baffled but (hopefully) stopped doing so.
      • It would be okay to do it at check-in. You only need to be told once, I guess.
  • movies after regular talks programme ends (24/4 usage of the lecture halls) +1
  • Online (pre)ordering of clothing
  • Official (android) app?
  • Working wiki during the congress +1
  • tell dunkin donuts to prepare, put more into storage and DON'T CLOSE AT 20:00 or something
  • no more day tickets.. building is packed enough as is..
  • Slightly cheaper corporate tickets. 300eu price difference is hard to justify at work :(
  • enforce the existing law and CCH directive: No smoking anywhere inside the building (maybe screw off the ashtrays inside or make something intresting with them this year) +1
    • Maybe some people were not aware that smoking is prohibited: more signs?
  • kidspace to be part of the official schedule - hence Angels can do shifts there
    • Worked as Angel, would be in for that job.
  • Angels 24/4 in the kidspace (too much got lost and broken there)
  • better documentation (logistics etc.)
  • Streams should spend most of the time looking at the slides, you need time to read and understand, especially source code. Also, hearing the audience laugh and not seeing anything sucks. +1
  • Some kind of gate to the lounge, to keep smoke and the worst noise out. Maybe some kind of dual port thing made of heavy cloth.
  • A bit more light in the mixed assembly area. It was ok when the spots where on, but they where off most of the time.
    • Ask the assemblies if they would like central and noisy or offside and silent maybe?
  • Felt sorry for the gym angels that had to stay there all day. Are external or non-congress people a possibility?
  • Would two full-time gyms (from day 0 to day +1) be possible at all? Gym 2 was much nicer/newer/had more showers than Gym 1, btw.
  • Maybe, just maybe: Have actual music events in the Lounge? I found the music to be very, very bland this year.
    • You know there are "nerdy" music collectives that would probably love doing shows at the event? Eindbaas comes to mind, OTOMH.


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