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The recordings are available in different video- and audio-formats. See the blog post from last year for more information. A updated version may follow.

Current status: congress has ended, every talk from the four main rooms have been released at least once. (last updated on 4th January 18:54 UTC+1)

  • two talks (6236 and 6584) are missing a pice of about 1 minute in the middle of the file
  • other issues: 6447
  • some recordings from Sendezentrum ("room 5") are still missing

If a filename contains multiple language marks like de-en the video contains two audio tracks: native room audio and a translation.

  • de-en means the talk was held in german and translated into english.
  • en-de means the talk was held in english and translated into german.

Official recordings are available at:

Please don't upload released talks to YouTube, we do this ourself.

If you upload one of our recordings to external video services, please

  • ensure that you provide all metadata especially the correct title, speaker names, licence and language.
  • disable ads for this video
  • check regularly if new subtitles are available and add them

Podcast Feeds

Broadcatching RSS Feeds

Use Vuze, qtorrent or similar Bittorrent clients with RSS support to subscribe following torrent feed(s):

.torrent files

Append .torrent to the filename or have a look .mirrorlist. Download managers also automatically get the path to other mirrors or torrent files via additional http headers.

All torrents:

curl -L | zgrep congress/2014 | ruby -ane 'puts "{$F[2][2..-1]}.torrent"'

Or, w/o ruby:

curl -L | zgrep congress/2014 | sed 's|.* \./||;s|$|.torrent|'

BitTorrent Sync

There are unofficial BitTorrent Sync folders available:


Please, add a link to your gallery here!
If you can license (some of) your photos as CC-BY-3.0,
so they could be archived on, we would be most grateful :).


There is live coverage like last year, now with HD for every room and a new shiny web player with some additional features.

See Streams for more information.