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Description Gebildete Europäer gegen die Verblödung des Abendlandes (GEGVDA) is a counter-movement to PEGIDA.
Has website
Persons working on Ypnos
Tags Pegida
Located at assembly FAUlty
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We want to design T-Shirts etc. that can be bought online. A simple motive is the GEGVDA -- Gebildete Europäer gegen die Verblödung des Abendlandes. However we are in search for creative ideas! We plan to adapt and use the existing Failshop as a platform to distribute the shirts.

Some slogan ideas:

  • GEGDIE – Gebildete Europäer gegen die Idiotie Einzelner
  • PEGIDA – Positive Europäer gegen die Idiotisierung des Abendlandes

Example product: