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Description This project aims at replacing TCP,TLS,Oauth,Kerberos, while giving huge flexibility, federated environments,
Has website http://www.fenrirproject.org/blog
Persons working on Luker
Tags security, protocol, federation
Located at assembly WeFixTheInternet
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Fenrir's aim is to provide a single, efficient and extremely flexible protocol to manage authentication, authorization and encryption in federated environments.

You can follow its development on the new blog, https://www.fenrirproject.org/blog

It mimics a lot SCTP or QUIC in terms of transport features, with both reliable and unreliable transmission, but it also includes encryption, federated authentication, and a lot of other features, such as cross-domain single sign-on.

Its aim is to replace SSL/TLS, Kerberos, OAuth and basically any other encryption or authentication scheme, while also avoiding the X.509 certificates.

The trust of the system relies on DNSSEC, but anything else can be used.

The federation divides the protocol into authentication servers, services and client, with tokens exchanged instead of password.

The final picture should be that you can manage all your accounts on all domains from a single source, while using multiple rules on the visibility of services, tokens on a per-device basis.