Description Third time is the charm. This is the third incarnation of the popular whisky evening. It's fairly simple: If you enjoy good whisky, or are planing to do so, join us. We'll have the virtual chimney fire going and will get you ready for the fnord-Jahresrückblick.

Last minute updates via ADN broadcast:

Type Hands-On
Keyword(s) social, drink
Processing assembly Quality Alcohol
Person organizing Blackspear
Language de - German, en - English
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Starts at 2013/12/29 08:00:00 PM
Ends at 2013/12/29 10:50:00 PM
Duration 170 minutes
Location Hall 14


Every fellow drinker/project/group brings a bottle of his preferred Whisk(e)y and a drinking device (If you can't afford, we will manage. Don't worry, just come). The bottles are shared along with advice and tales of bravery and comradeship. Or just drink and look deep.

Don't forget to bring a drinking device of your choice and some water!

Suggestions or talks about whisky are welcome! We'll start four hours before the FNORD News Show and we'll have our own room this time.

If anything should change last minute, you can get a notification via ADN broadcast.

What happend last time... ...and the time before


If you're interested, put your name here!

  1. Blackspear
  2. Andreasdotorg
  3. Dekalog
  4. Badboy
  5. Naftali
  6. Krokodilerian
  7. Motp
  8. Doc coffee
  9. Momo
  10. Zwanzigcent
  11. Ralf
  12. Watz
  13. Xor
  14. Elke
  15. Keldo
  16. Doeme
  17. André
  18. !Frankie
  19. Billic25
  20. Wrath
  21. Esenneddy
  22. Gurkenmilch
  23. Jbspeakr
  24. Schoko
  25. Kripkrap
  26. DocOcassi
  27. J.ohny.b + 2
  28. Beaver +1
  29. Arschfloeckchen +1
  30. Ghoti
  31. Lofi
  32. theHolgi
  33. Hirschs +2
  34. Heng
  35. Uvo
  36. Jatiki
  37. Yrthy
  38. Dariush
  39. Slarti
  40. S0x
  41. Vo0DoOi
  42. Znotti
  43. P373r+1
  44. Forschungstorte


What would you like to bring? Please add identifier (project, person or fancy group name you just made up)

NEW: We'll try to organise the bar for educational purposes this time. Categories could be BEGINNER, SMOKEY, PEATY, EXPERIMENTAL, ADVANCED, SMOOTH and so on. Please add a category to your line!

  1. Hammerhead 23y (Czech), NONSMOKEY, NONPEATY, EXPERIMENTAL (by Dekalog)
  2. Kilchoman Machir bay (Islay), PEATY (by Krokodilerian)
  3. Glen Els, Woodsmoked, Malaga Cask (Harz Mountains, Germany), SMOKEY, EXPERIMENTAL, Cask Strength (46,2 %vol) (by Motp)
  4. Glenmorangie (not sure which version yet) (by Zwanzigcent)
  5. Amrut Fusion (Bangalore, India), Third Finest Whisky in the World in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2010, (50%vol) (by Ralf)
  6. Laphroiag Quarter Cask (Islay), SMOKEY (by Watz)
  7. Simon's Old Bavarian Pure Pot Still Whiskey (by Xor)
  8. Lagavulin 16 years old single malt (Islay), 43%vol, SMOKY, PEATY (by Doeme)
  9. Talisker Storm (Skye), 45%vol, SMOKEY (by Naftali)
  10. Jura Superstition, 43%vol, PEATY&SMOOTH (by André)
  11. BenRiach limited 1999 release, 14y, Cask Strength (55.8%) + a "special" surprise ... (by !Frankie)
  12. Jura Superstition, Bottle no 2 :-) Gurkenmilch
  13. Nikka From the Barrel (Japan), Blend, 51.4% vol, SMOOTH (by Kripkrap)
  14. Dufftown, Singleton & Old Pultney, both smoooth DocOcassi
  15. Cragganmore 12 years, SMOOTH (by Esenneddy)
  16. Auchentoshan 12 years (by Wrath)
  17. Smokehead (Islay), PEATY (by J.ohny.b)
  18. Slyrs (Bavaria, Germany), similar to Speyside whiskys, MILD (by J.ohny.b)
  19. Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 10 years 46% (by Doc coffee)
  20. Copperfox Rye, EXPERIMENTAL (by Beaver)
  21. Blanton´s Single Barrel 46,5% (by Arschfloeckchen)
  22. Ardbeg Uigeadail, 54.2% vol, SMOKY, PEATY (by Ghoti)
  23. Glenlivet 12 years, BEGINNER (by Lofi)
  24. Bladnoch lightly peated 9 years (by Holgi)
  25. Jura 1984 (by Hirschs)
  26. Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, 45% vol, BEGINNER (by Keldo)
  27. Ardmore Taditional Cask, Non-chill filtered, 46%, SMOKY (by Heng)
  28. Tobermory 10 years(?), old bottling ca. 1980, 40%, EXPERIMENTAL (by Jatiki)
  29. Mortlach 8y, 2012, Bourbon und Port finish, EXPERIMENTAL (by Yrthy)
  30. Glenrothes Special Reserve (by Blackspear)
  31. Glen Deveron 15y (by Slarti)
  32. Talisker 10y, Bruichladdich Rocks, Loch Lomond 18y, BenRiach Heredotus 12y Pedro Ximenez Sherry (by S0x)
  33. Redbreast 12y By Vo0doO
  34. Dimple 15y (by P373r)
  35. Nikka Whisky From The Barrel, SMOOTH, Japan (by Forschungstorte)
  36. The Organic, Bruichladdich, SMOKY, PEATY, Islay [by Forschungstorte)
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