Description We will try different types of Mate and prepare them in different ways, from the traditional way of drinking a Mate to DIY Mate Limos with all the ingredients you want. We will have plenty of Mate, cuias and bombas and if you have some special ingredients to add to your DIY Mate Limo, bring them with. We will have carbonated water and stevia to sweeten the Mates, bring your own bottle if you want to take your Limo with!
Type Workshop
Keyword(s) social, food, drink
Processing assembly Food Hacking Base
Person organizing MetaMate
Language de - German, en - English, hi - Hindi, pt - Portuguese
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Have a special wish for a Mate Limo? Just want to have some fun trying different Mates? Then join us for some Mate hacking, we will make some different drinks with Mate and exchange some recipes and facts regarding Mate.

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