Description In Bremen, Germany, some people are sharing their apartment and call it mw/Milliways. The Milliways also is some kind of hacker community.
Members Allspark, Chrische, Exe, Inge, Kritter, Morpheus, Mortzu, Msquare, Raven, Th
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Self-organized Sessions Keysigning Party
Registered on 20 October 2013 10:59:19
Location for self-organized sessions no
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Planning notes We want to be near by heaven, like last year. We do engelsystem development and support, so a short distance to heaven is helpful.

What is mw?

mw is the short name of our apartment sharing project, which originally is named is Milliways. But we recognized too late that the name was already taken in the CCC-environment and so we decided to use the shortname at CCC events. In "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" the "Milliways" is a restaurant at the end of the universe. The guests experience the end of the universe and then rewind time by the help of turbines.

Our "Milliways" also is some kind of hacker community of people that are part of the dn42 project and are interested in virtualization, Jabber/XMPP and IPv6.

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Self-Organized Sessions

OpenPGP Keysigning

We will organize a Keysigning Party on Sunday, 29th.


Most of us are CAcert Assurers, so stop by if you want to get assured. We will bring plenty of assurance forms with us. Please ensure that you bring at least one Government-issued ID with you (two are better).

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