Our teamleader is Downhill. He is usually available via 3696.

members of NOC helpdesk

Please add yourself to this list to provide a contact ability for the current serving stuff at the NOC Helpdesk.

important DECT numbers

department DECT
1111 infodesk
112 CERT
113 harassment
110 security
1023 heaven
2000 POC
4242 Press
1212 NOC helpdesk aka the phone next to you :)

More numbers can be found in the eventphone phonebook


The ticketsystem is available at roundup.congress.ccc.de. Please use the login nochd as this provides other shifts with the tickets and their history of all current problems.

NOC IRC channel

There is an irc channel for NOC and NOC helpdesk up. Due to the fact that this is the public wiki please ask around your colleagues about the actual channel name. Please be aware that the NOC irc channel is no place to hang around and bother the NOC!


Remember to tell the people with servers to write down name, eMail and DECT if available onto the server. So we will be able to contact those persons.

The assignment of IP addresses can be found at the Colo-page in the internal wiki. Make sure you're logged in to be able to edit the page.

Nobody is allowed to enter the collocation room without a member of NOC or the NOC Helpdesk!

Colo IP assignments

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