About the information desk

The information desk (or info desk) is the first and main place to contact if you have any kind of problem at the 29C3. The infodesk is located near the main entrance. You can call us via DECT: INFO (1111).

Offered services

Our friendly crew will try to help you, especially if you:

  • need information
  • think that the orga crew of the congress should be informed about an incident
  • need a train/plane/spaceship ticket printed ASAP and NOW!!!! (pls ask kindly)
  • need directions to a club/bar/restaurant/hotel/other venue
  • have a question regarding the organisation of the congress
  • feel lost and want to know where to get Club Mate to get back in touch with life
  • need a train ticket or a cheap rental car fare
  • need to know what the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is

IMPORTANT: If you need emergency help, just call the CERT (DECT #112)

If you have any problem with the information desk, please get in touch with s0krates or watz, who are in charge of this facility.

Lost and Found

The infodesk provides a Lost and Found Box. If you found something or lost something feel free to edit the Lost+Found page.

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