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Rethinking Economics

Did you know that traditional economic theory is based on axioms which are easily disprovable? What if an economic system...

What if its users...

What if users' interaction records...

These are some of the key points of a decentralised system of accounting I have been working on since 2004. Since it was designed to operate on a decentralised social software system, and none was available, I designed the core of such a system, with an emphasis on flexibility rather than speed, using XML as a native datatype and scripting language.

I got hung up on transport and cryptography, so took a break by investigating the historical and psychological aspects of the current money. It seems to me that the earlier Freedom box may provide a good layer on which to run the XML-VM I designed, and F2F Economics a valuable addition to the normal Facebook clone social software which is likely to surface along with it.


I will give an overview of decentralised accounting and highlight some of its strengths/weaknesses, then try an open space format.

I have read about but never attended an 'open space' so assistance from open-space ready facilitaror(s) would be appreciated.


Day 2 - 2011-12-28, 15:35--16:30, Smaller Workshop Room B04
Immediately following the related Freedombox Home Servers workshop.


If this is of interest, add you name...



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