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Social swarm

Read the social swarm manifesto on User:Socialswarm.

Political / Strategic Workshop

Social Swarm -- forget about Faceboogle!

Day 2, 15:45--17:15, Huge Workshop Room A03

We start a worldwide movement to advance an alternative to Facebook and Google+ -- free software -- open protocols.

Technology Presentation and Discussion

Which approach to replacing Faceboogle can we recommend?

Day 2, 20:00--21:45, c-base Mainhall

FoeBuD's Social Swarm initiative would like to discuss with you what the requirements would be for better privacy, scalability and other issues concerning a Faceboogle replacement to actually function well and be recommendable to the general public.

We're not satisfied with most of the current initiatives: They should provide end-to-end encryption under all circumstances, instead they store our personal data on dozens of servers in the clear. How much paranoia is enough for our privacy?

We'll discuss the matter with the developers of

Secure Share currently seems to be the most paranoid project of all social alternatives. It enables applications to interact securely between the personal devices of people while letting servers be only of occasional help in an innocuous way. It combines a flexible and efficient social communications protocol (PSYC2) with an advanced anonymizing routing technology (GNUnet). One such application would be a social platform equivalent to Faceboogle, but distributed and encrypted straight from your phone or desktop.

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