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Like the other years of C3 the Lego-Duplo-Train is coming again to the congress with all their colored little stones and figures for little and big visitors. Around the clock you can deal with approved technical things from different kind.

Some Lego-robots will be around in the corner and take sure that fun and suspense are saved and there will be the guarantee that you will learn something by that.

contact: legoc3_ahte_bangrogger_de


lego sumo deathmatch

people can join up in teams (or alone) to take part in the lego sumo deathmatch. the goal is to

just like sumo. well allmost.

new teams welcome - just ask at our place and form a team. and yes, it is possible even if did not start on the first day.


some videos available on youtube:

build a lego robot for the deathmatch

and program it to:

the table's edges will be marked with black tape (light sensors and all).

program it any way you like


If the old pages were still online (or someone told me how to find them) you could also check our LegoProgramming page for some short tips on installing and programing your bot

On 27C3 , some two guys built a brickOS Quickdev-Kit for jumpstarting into the world of controlling the Mindstorms RCX v1/v2 using standard C. Download here - for info contact reph ( or lucky ( There is some fine documentation included in the archive.


Duplo train at 25C3

there is also the duplo - lots of big bricks and with railways too.

last nite we got a carpet for the duplo :)

we're also combining mindstorms (well lego technic) with duplo...

RCX, not NXT

We don't have any NXT bricks - just lots of RCX.

Even if the NXT offers some more features than the old RCX, some of us don't consider the NXT to be lego in a stricter sense: it has no pimples ;)

(don't know if pimple is the correct english word for the german Noppen)

More fun with lego

old times

we here for a long time ;)

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