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can someone make an working link to:

the one now doensnot work. Okkie

Works fine here? Whats the problem? Bine

Link does not work oke.
Pleaze make an link to
Category:Projects instead of Projects
First one will generate automatic, alfabetic the other one must be edited by hand.


Could you rename "Schedule" into "Fahrplan" again? It is and has always been the name of the schedule and it's understandable to read "Fahrplan - Schedule of the 27C3". Further it indeed is nice to incorporate german words and sayings into anglicist geek talk.

Peace Missions

Could you make the link to the "peace missions" page more visible? Also it may be a good idea to explain the concept in a short sentence. I think this is important because the relevance of such satellite events can be expected to grow drastically in this year and in the coming years. Cyberspace meatings could become a basic aspect of the congress. (look.. I user "cyberspace" in a sentence ;-)

Tried to do so :) Bine
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