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Seeräubergesoxx is a community-driven party projet to patch society in a more hacking sense - Beeing a Pirat is an attitude towards life & by meeting other wave komapatible lifeforms we could katalyse our powers - therefore Liquid MeltingPoint are nessesary ;)


Plans for 27c3

meet international seeräubergesoxx from all over the world and learn about different radical strategies to patch existing societies: Liquid Democracy #LQFB and Enforcing Trancparency to the Masses - Drinken Liquid in the RealWorld *g*


In der Echtwelt müßen wir noch QM´s bunkern & Koordinaten durchpingen ... on Twitter to @derPUPE & on your Wahlzettel ;) ... Könnte schon wer was Capturen? #CaptureTheDesk thanx

- Am Wireless Tisch im Hackcenter Sektor 1 hat sich eine erste #PHQ-Akkumulation gebildet - JuPi´s assimierten sich zudem einen #PHQ Tisch im Hackcenter-Epicentrum


You can contact [1] yabber:


The following wiki-users have added themself to the group of pirates on the congress: Category:Seeräubergesoxx

Muh & Maeh + General

This ProjectPage is for Pirates & people with Piratism in their heart ....

  • participate & get involved*

Der Beraterstab empfiehlt am Tag 2 (20101228-1930) sich in lat=52.492524 & lon=13.428215 einzufinden. Mission: Chaotenparty@Kinski need help: ask a local pirate special offers: Rum (Tschunk), beer, Mate(y)s, cheap prices, donations welcome

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