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Journey Berlin

Flyer journey1.jpg

Journey To The End Of The Year 2010!
a runners' game within Berlin 
Dec31st 7pm-11pm 
Starting in front of the Alex
while (game)
 (run && don't get caught) || (run && catch others)



Journey to the End of the Year is a race through city streets. You will try to make it to six checkpoints as fast as you can, while avoiding being caught by chasers. Those who are caught will become chasers themselves, rising to pursue their former friends and allies.

This is a footrace–only your own two feet and public transit are permitted. No bicycles, no skates, no cars, no taxis.

When you sign in, you will be given a map (indicating the checkpoints) and two ribbons. The player ribbon you tie on your arm at the beginning - it identifies that you are a player, and it must be clearly visible. Hiding your ribbon is considered cheating. The chaser ribbon you hope to never use.

When the organizers start the event, they will tell you who to look for at the first checkpoint and give the signal to begin. You should immediately start moving to the first checkpoint. Once you reach it, you must find the agent waiting to sign your map. When you do, have them sign; they will then tell you who to look for at the next checkpoint; and so on until you reach the end, where there will be drinks and merriment. Whoever reaches the end first wins.

However, there will also be people who are trying to stop you. These are the chasers. Each chaser wears a chaser ribbon on their arm. If a chaser tags you, you must give them your player ribbon as a trophy; you now put on your chaser ribbon and become a chaser yourself. Your job is to find and tag the other players, preventing them from safely reaching the finish.

There are some areas where you will be safe from chasers. An area around each checkpoint will be safe, an area for you to rest and recover; these areas will be marked on your map. In addition, all transit stations, trains and buses are safe. While in these safe zones, you cannot tag or be tagged.

You must go to the checkpoints in order. If you arrive at a checkpoint after the Agent has left, you may ask a stranger to sign your manifest.

Prizes will be awarded for top finishers, best chaser, and other categories determined by the organizers.


Organizer: riot - write a mail if you'd like to help us out!



Location: 52.521255,13.410334

The meetup is at the foot of the TV Tower (Fernsehturm), towards the S-Bahn station "Alexanderplatz". It's only about 300m away from the BCC - on the other side of Alexanderplatz station.


Silvester, 31.12.2010, 1900 CET

What to bring

  • warm clothes
  • good running shoes
  • a day ticket for public transport (BVG/S-Bahn for 6.10euros)
  • rucksack with some water (unless it annoys you when running)



We still need quite a few helpers. every check point (CP) needs two or three helpers. we might have four to eight check points. so we need between eight and 24 helpers.

If you would like to help, write a mail to and you will be subscribed to the organizers maillist.

Coordination meetings

The second meeting will be held on 25.12. Ask for more specific coordinates. (Yes, we're highly secretive on purpose)


we need:

  • a printer for the flyers / runner slips
  • a megaphone
  • DONE: runner armbands
  • possibly additional prizes - if financing allows for that

Financing: We need about 100 euros for flyers and prizes. who can give us some money for this? please add yourself directly to the credits section! :)


questions? enter them here or send a mail to


IRC channel on FreeNode:

  • /server
  • /join #journeyberlin


Hashtags are:



helpers, organizers, and more:

  • orga: riot, SvenG
  • flyers: hacky
  • financing:
    • anonymous - 20 EUR
    • Jeedi - 23 EUR
    • anonymous - 23 EUR
    • hacky - 200 flyers and 4 posters


Check Point Helpers - please add yourself here: Not necessarily in their final order! If you have any preference et al, adjust the list.

  • CP1_1: riot
  • CP1_2: SvenG
  • CP2_1: NickFarr
  • CP2_2: Lisa?
  • CP3_1: Titan?
  • CP3_2: Climbertobby?
  • CP4_1: xjw?
  • CP4_2: Lem
  • CP5_1: barcode
  • CP5_2: BigBlack
  • CP6_1: ...
  • CP6_2: ...


so... who's interested? who will take part by running?

  • 4711 - Can't wait to start :)
  • md / Martin
  • RaceCondition / Jan
  • andersju / - I guess most people who will participate won't find their way to the end of this page (and create account etc) :)
  • z3dd4 (who actually found the end of the page *g*)
  • rootman
  • nivoc / Matthias
  • Team Unicorn: Federtanz, Feuertanz & Hideki
  • Jocey
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