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Hackable Devices - H:D platform



Hacking is not so easy when you must read tons of specs before getting an idea about products, when you have to dig around mailing lists and wikis to quickly know more about a project, when you need to buy various components all around the world dealing with VAT and duty taxes, when you're asked to choose between promoting your prototype and still tweaking in peace... The project aims to promote a platform which makes life easier for all DIY and hacking culture lovers, a tool helping people to stay focused on what we all prefer to do: geeking all day long! It provides an entry point facilitating meetings, exchange and promotion of material and prototypes, a sort of mix between Makezine, Instructables and Hackaday.


A community website for quickly identifying projects, events, skills and specialties, existing or future products, anything evolving around hardware hacking with a very strong preference for Free as in freedom stuff. You have to quickly learn more about a product, project? You need to spread the world without maintaining any infrastructure that prevents you from playing in your garage? You want to know if some like minded people will be with you for the next Maker Faire? You seek to help or invest into a project you like or believe in?

Come on and share your ideas, your hacks, your proposals. Come discuss and improve the cause. It's wide open, it's all about collaboration, it's all about sharing, it's all about freedom and knowledge!


  • Wim Vandeputte

hackable-devices dot [org|com|net]


Hardware Hacking Area

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