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[Translator's note: Anmerkungen zur Überstzung finden sich hier.]

Fantastic. Mr Judge of the Investigation at the Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice of Germany) has given his consent to the sampling of Andrej's DNA. To be precise: to the "extraction of somatic cells by means of a blood sample". "The compulsory extraction can be avoided by voluntary disposal of a saliva sample." How charming.

Why this should be helpful in figuring out if someone has written certain texts remains obscure to me. But Mr Judge of the Investigation finds that "despite the weakness of the suspicion (...) this procedure is commensurable considering the weight of the accusation." Oh, I see.

These days, many people who don't follow the legal details and don't read the newspapers as meticulously as we do, ask me whether Andrej's trial has ended. Far away from that, I would say. He is now tried for 'forming a criminal organisation' instead of 'forming a terroist organisation' -- the only thing that does not exist anymore is the arrest warrant. Of course, that was a great step forward, but by no means already the closing of the proceedings. Investigations are still going on and there will be a court case, if not someone eventually figures that closing the proceedings would be more intelligent.

Just a moment ago in the weekly retrospect at, I answered the question

How did you, your children and your partner experience this week?


(...) Besides, the week was stressful as every week since Jul 31, but above all it was very great, because the last three of those accused for terrorism in this §-129a-process have been conditionally released from remand.

With the arrival of the letter from the BGH (Bundesgerichtshof), it has significantly lost greatness.

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