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A Terrorist

found at

The everyday surveillance remains noticeable, although less for us, more for our friends:

- One that has also been summoned as a witness, wasn't able to reach either me nor Andrej by our mobiles. When calling Andrej, a woman that is unknown to him answers the phone, they quickly agree that they don't know each other. And when calling me, there is an english announcement which is not mine 'Please call again later..'

- One of the others accused in the lawsuit orders a new mobile by post: the package has been ripped open so much that the post put it into a bag with a sticker explaining that the package was damaged too much.

- A different witness saved 12 sms on his mobile and suddenly gets a message stating that the memory is full

- A friend always gets at the first call she wants to make after she called Andrej a message that the number hasn't been assigned

- An acquaintance suddenly recognises a strong hall effect . This was also the case a long time ago: his father had the habit to make calls with american discount telcos, and the redirecting had the same effect.

- When Andrej is calling good friends, the message 'call diversion only when [number of saved name]' appears on the display of his mobile. Andrej didn't initiate any call diversion at all, though.

Otherwise I'm realising that there are incredibly many texts, videos, posters.. for the terrorism subject. For a change, one about the police that I enjoyed very much:

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