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Heralds are volunteers that provide a special service to the audience by being the main spokesperson in a conference room for a couple of hours. We are looking for people with good English skills that don't get shy in front of a huge crowd.

At the 22C3 we mainly covered the main conference room. This time we'd like to have ALL talks properly announced.

News: We have a Heralds meeting on Day 3, at 15:00 in the angels quarters. Please attend if you're a Herald, or if you're interested in becoming a Herald!


Job Description

The job of a herald is to briefly introduce the speaker, and then stick around in case something goes wrong -- i.e., if the speaker needs assistance with technical or organizational problems, the Herald is always the first to react and take care of any problem. If you want you can also moderate the Q&A-section of your sessions, but usually the speakers can do that by themselves. Just make sure everything goes smoothly.

As a herald, you should take care of the following:

  • Prepare a short introduction of the speakers and session (see the schedule and speaker page for content). Your announcement can be as short or long as you wish; at the very least mention the speaker's name and topic. Be creative, but don't overdo it.
  • Before your shift starts:
    • get to know the Audio and Video angels in your room
    • get headsets for the speakers from the guy at the mixing board, and ask for a quick introduction of how to use it. Bring the headsets back to the control room at the end of your shift.
  • Before a session starts: introduce yourself to the speaker; help him set up his equipment (there are audio and video angels who can take care of technical problems)
  • If everything is set up and the speaker is ready to start: make your introduction.
  • Stick around in case something goes wrong. Try to follow the presentation to make sure you detect trouble before it arises.
  • NEW! Ensure water supply for the speakers. If you detect that there are insufficient water bottles on the stage, call 1020 (Konferenzleitung) and name your room number so they can bring new water.

...and that's about it.

What do I get for being a Herald?

Heralds are part of the Chaos Angels, please see the extensive Angel FAQ for details.


Please create an account for yourself in the Angel System because this is the place where all volunteer shifts are centrally managed and to ensure you get your free congress T-Shirt in the right size. However, for the actual shift scheduling, please apply for a shift by using the below wiki table (simply link your user page or write your name). Those names with parens around it: we could not find you in the angel system...

Please also come to the herald meeting on day 1 (15:00 in the backstage room in the basement - Room A08), and watch this page, the CCC Events Blog and the Angel News for updates. Contact Martind or volty if you have any questions, or leave them on the discussion page here.

See also: the time layout for this years' Congress.

Time Day 0 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
10:30 - 11:30 Opening Event (Reserve) (Reserve) (Reserve)
11:30 - 15:00 Saal 1: Martind

Saal 2:

Saal 3: volty

Saal 4: muckel

Saal 1: (Verena)

Saal 2: martind

Saal 3: squiddle

Saal 4:

Saal 1: scusi

Saal 2: dcoy

Saal 3: venti

Saal 4: Demi

Saal 1: Hackfoo

Saal 2: sigkill

Saal 3: morgodo

Saal 4: (Jens Ohlig)

15:00 - 16:00 morning break
16:00 - 19:30

Saal 1: smallcaps

Saal 2: Demi

Saal 3: venti

Saal 4: squiddle

Saal 1: volty

Saal 2: Hackfoo

Saal 3: martind

Saal 4: Demi

Saal 1: Hackfoo

Saal 2: morgodo

Saal 3: sigkill

Saal 4: mars

Saal 1: smallcaps, martind

Saal 2: volty

Saal 3: squiddle / dcoy / trickSTer

Saal 4: (no talks scheduled)

19:30 - 20.30 Volunteer Meeting lunch break Closing Event
20:30 - 00:00 Saal 1: sigkill

Saal 2: volty

Saal 3: (guckes)

Saal 4: sali

Saal 1: alech

Saal 2: sigkill

Saal 3: volty

Saal 4: martind

Saal 1: Hackfoo

Saal 2: volty

Saal 3: squiddle

Saal 4: alech

23C3 After Hour
00:00 - 01:00 (Reserve) (Reserve) (Reserve)
01:00 Uhr night program night program night program
02:00 Uhr
03:00 Uhr
04:00 Uhr
05:00 Uhr


In this section, you can place practical and productive hints for Heralds, especially if you are a Herald yourself.

  • With your speaker, discuss up front...
    • what kind of introduction he/she would like. This is not a regular chairperson job where you just say what someone did his/her PhD on.
    • when he would like to receive the 15min session timeout signs, and from where in the room they are given (usually it is the video angel). Some speakers also prefer the 15min sign showed earlier because they want to have 15min Q&A.
    • how you will signal that the session must end now or will be cut off
    • how much overrun will be tolerated (the 15 min breaks between sessions usually allow for about 5min). Check the Fahrplan: If there is no session afterwards (e.g. big break) you can no problem tolerate longer runover times)
    • whether or not they want to do the moderation of the Q&A session themselves or not
    • the language of the introduction (usually the language of the talk, but if you do not speak German and it is a German talk, check with the speaker first)
  • Get to know your audio and video angel(s) and find out where he/she sits. Agree on some gesture to use when you want your microphone open. If one of the required angels is missing, call 1023 (shift coordination) from your DECT or the room phone (recognizable by the light bulb) to request an angel.
  • Make sure you understand the timetables. It's rather easy to make off-by-one errors here when it comes to end times. Talks are supposed to last for one hour (I wouldn't write that if hadn't fouled this up the first time...)
  • Don't worry if you feel superfluous. As I understand it, you're mainly a troubleshooter, so without trouble, don't be worried if you've got nothing to shoot.
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