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Chaos Angels, or simply Angels, are voluntary helpers at the congress.

If you have a question, please add it to this page so that it can be answered.


I'd like to be an angel, what would be my duties?

There are alot of things to do, a rough outline can be found at the angel page. We do not assign angels in advance to positions, instead use the Angel System to sign up for shifts you want to do. You can "book" shifts one week in advance, and probably quite some time before.

At what time will the angel briefings take place?

This has yet to be decided. There's a vague planning: On Dec 26th, at 7:30pm (19:30) (prior to the opening of the check-in), on Dec 26th in the evening (7 - 8 pm), on Dec 27th and 28th around noon and around 8 pm, and perhaps on the 27th in the morning (9 am).

The most important briefing is the one on Dec 26th at 7:30pm (19:30) in the Backstage area.

When do angels start working for the ccc?

The setup of the Congress starts Dec 23th at 8 o'clock and we need angles to help with the setup on Dec 23th and 25th. The entrance will be officially opened on Dec 26th at noon, i.e. we will need additional angels for check-in and security from that time on. We also need angels to coordinate the walking out of the visitors and dismantle the equipment on Dec 30th. It's planned to be finished around midnight that day.

How long do I have to work as an angel?

This question isn't easy to answer because it depends on different things, like the job an angel has decided to do, or the overall number of angels present. Working hours also vary with individual motivation. As a rule of thumb, four hours a day may be considered normal.

I'm only XX years old. Can I help?

You are old enough to come to the congress? Then you are old enough to help.

Can Angels sleep in the Gym for free like last year ?

To be discussed

Do Angels have to pay the congress fee? If so, do they get a discount?

No, everyone (including angels) has to pay the entrance fee. Tickets Though, angels actively working get a free congress T-shirt and free catering.

Who will give me my Angel-badge?

As soon as you are registered with the Angel System, you can get your badge at the Ministry of Information.

Further questions or tips

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