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Chaos Communication Congress means a lot of work. So we need your help. All volunteers are integrated into the "choir of angels": as a chaos angel you are actively supporting us dealing with all kinds of tasks.


Who are the arch angles?

The arch angel team will be this year:

flip, SaniFox, Klaus, HonkHase, mc, TabascoEye

The arch angels are your contact persons in case of any questions or problems. Arch angel represent the connection from Orga to Angels and are responsible for a smooth flow within the angel team.

For questions about being a Netangel contact Elisa.

What is a Chaos Angel?

Apart from being generally helpful, you can choose from a variety of areas at the Congress where you might want to focus on:

  • Conference
    • Conference angels make sure that all events start and end on time. They also ensure that the rooms don't become too crowded when more people want to listen to a talk than places are available.
  • Heralds
    • We need Heralds with strong English skills and who feel comfortable speaking in front of a huge crowd, as all sessions will be properly announced. A Herald is responsible for the speakers in one complete time block consisting of 3h 45min (three lecture blocks in a dedicated lecture hall). As part of this, the Heralds ensure that the speaker(s) are there on time (if necessary, escort), introduce themself to the speaker(s) and familiarize a bit with the speaker background and session content. They also ensure projection is set up. When everything is ready, the Herald gets on the stage, introduces speaker(s) and talk, then hands over to the speaker(s). Then they stick around and try to follow the session to detect problems before they arise.
  • Documentation
    • All events will be archived and streamed. We need people who ensure our cameras (video angels) and microphones (audio angels) are up and running. In addition the angels help handing out microphones in the lecture rooms for questions to the panel.
  • Entrance
    • This is where tickets are sold. You help giving out badges and all that stuff.
  • Guardian Angel
    • Guardian angels secure the building.
  • Netangels
    • Netangels help the NOC to build the network and to provide support and service to the participants. Basic knowledge of computer networks should be available.
  • Rescue
    • The angels of the CERT (Chaos Emergency Response Team) are the first responders and provide first aid in case of a medical emergency. We are looking after the fire protection in this building also.
  • Catering
    • Chaos angels and the crew are self-catered. So we need some angels that take care of that.

For helping us we give you a Congress t-shirt for free. Please state your shirt size correctly so that we can plan better.

All Chaos Angels may use the Backstage area where they will find both enough coffee, self-catering and internet. There is an exhaustive Angel FAQ available.


The chaos angel registration in unter

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