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See also the official Hackcenter page.

The hackcenter will cover some space in stage A. It's called the "electronic area" of the congress. For some people it's the place where the "real" congress happens.

However, the groups in the Hackcenter may show you their interesting projects. Reservations for Hackcenter started in early December and ended some time ago.

Approximately half of the lower level where the Hackcenter is is dedicated to the Lounge area, which is a place to chill out and relax.

Projects in the Hackcenter

Go this way, please. For an overview of all projects, see the "Projects" box at 22C3_Public_Wiki.

Plan of the Hackceter

Official CCC map of Level A http://www.bcc-berlin.de/de/02/img/02_04_pic.jpg

(A08) is reserved by the Haecksen, Phenoelit and the Workshop Area.

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