Session:HFOS - The Hackerfleet Operating System

Description HFOS is the opensource vessel computer system
Type Talk
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Keyword(s) software, inside, embedded, network, web, coding
Tags maritime, navigation, software, opensource
Processing village Village:Harbor, Village:C-base
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Subtitle Updaates! What happened since last camp?
Starts at 2019/08/21 16:00
Ends at 2019/08/21 16:45
Duration 45 minutes
Location Village:Harbor

Subtitle A short repetition of the talk from day 1 before the maritime hackers meetup
Starts at 2019/08/23 17:30
Ends at 2019/08/23 18:00
Duration 30 minutes
Location Village:Harbor

Subtitle HFOS@c-base
Starts at 2019/08/24 16:00
Ends at 2019/08/24 16:30
Duration 30 minutes
Location Village:C-base

TL;DR: This year's lecture gives an updated overview on how to install and use a HFOS Vessel Computer, as well as its components and closes with a short outlook on future development and - of course - once again a crowd management session!

At last, another CCCamp! Hackerfleet has been on the camp since 2011, initially presenting the whole idea of opensource maritime technology at Finowfurt.

Last time at Mildenberg, we gave a lecture about our failed startup attempts and organized the probably first ever crowd sourced management session to find out how to proceed with all the stuff we already built. The result was a lovely and unanimous push towards furthering our crowd operations.

So, today we're proud to present the first DIY kits for our hardware stack and version 1.4 of the free and opensource Hackerfleet Operating System (HFOS), our quite usable vessel board computer system. Alongside, we will present our new core framework Isomer, which has been split up from early HFOS prototypes and was modularized to serve other exciting purposes as well. Which might make this lecture interesting for (web) application builders, too ;-)

Hope to see and talk to you at one of the sessions!

Cheers, riot