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Contact User: Poincare (or Jeff)

Dect: 2570

Description Tina is a loose hacker collective from the wide Antwerp (Belgium) region.
Members DJefke, Kander18, Poincare
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Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags amateur radio, ham radio, belgium, electronics, open source
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions No
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Location 0, 0
Orga contact
Citizens 8
Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 1) Only one or two tents (up to 10 citizens)
Power comment
Village plans ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent, ... run a kitchen for our citizens
Village constraints We are a quiet village and will not make much noise. So we like to be placed on a quiet location., We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans
  • Light installation: DMX Floodlights and Beacon on antenna tower, no extra power needed.
  • One big(ger) tent about 25m²
  • The kitchen is to cook some soup and bake potatoes, eggs and pancakes, on gas. So no ovens, ...
Likes to rent a tent No
Descibing tents to rent
Likes to rent chairs 0
Likes to rent tables 0
Provides transport for
Has plans with tracks
Size needed 50 100
Has order interest No
Planning notes