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Contact DrScream, Wiedi
Description We are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing. ;-)
Members Bluemaex, Bro, Carlos, DocM, DrScream, EleRas, Epsi, HAcky, Imizeropt, Jps, Motu, MrK, Muzy, Naderman, Niklas, Pent1ckel, Rain0r, Roo, SKI11IO, Sling, Sodoku, Taknil, W1kke, Wiedi
Projects Camplapse, Coffeenerds Lite, Illumos Hacking, NodeDMX
Self-organized Sessions Batik
Tags frubar, hackerspace, berlin, coffeenerds
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Yes
Other villages by tags...
Location 133.92444, 166.29080
Orga contact
Citizens 30
Needs network 3) more than normal Villages describe network needs Because we're a lot of people we would prefer some nice network. I would recommend some fiber connection or a trunk of Gbit cables / ports. We plan to bring some Servers for file transfers.
Needs power 2) Village with up to 30 citizens (16A CEE 400V)
Power comment We would bring our own equipment for power distribution. We've lot's of equipment from a fridge, servers, sound machines etc.
Village plans ... play loud music and party, ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent, ... bring some special machines, ... install a fridge or a freezer, ... run a bar for our citizens
Village constraints We are playing music and like to party, We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We like to be placed on a central location where many people are crossing, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans
Likes to rent a tent Yes
Descibing tents to rent We would like to order a tent with wooden floor. Size should be for ~30-40 people, the tent we ordered: 6x9 (54 m^2)
Likes to rent chairs 10
Likes to rent tables 4
Provides transport for goods, people
Has plans with tracks
Size needed 120 200
Has order interest Yes
Planning notes


Frubar flag.png

Found at Frubar Village

These items are found at Frubar Village, please contact User:DrScream or User:Wiedi for more details. At the moment the items located in Berlin HQ:



We use IRC for discussions:

port (SSL): 7000
channel: #finn15

At the Campsite

We would like to provide an embassy / village phone with the number: 3782

Travel Service

To plan a good and easy travel system and fill it with structure please add yourself to the list. Please fill out your profile page as well with the village information. It would help us to calculate the people who are joining.

"Everything" will be delivered on Monday. If you have any big luggage which needs delivery by the Monday delivery crew or need an trailer bring your stuff to Berlin HQ / Finn15 till 12:00 CEST on Monday!

User Location (From) Wish or Comment Arrival Date
DrScream Berlin travel by cat, Bro Monday 10. August (for delivery), 12. August (for camp)
Wiedi Berlin travel by cat, Bro
Bro Berlin drives the cat
hAcky Amtzell travel by cat 2015-08-11 18:00
DocM Amtzell travel by cat 2015-08-11 18:00
bluemaex Berlin travel by bike
Epsi Offenburg by cat, with Jens \o/ Partybus!
EleRas Düsseldorf travel by cat
Sling Arnhem (NL) travel by cat 10th probably
roo Tettnang travel by cat
carlos Konstanz travel by cat
pent1ckel Magdeburg cat 12th (before 12 o'clock)
sKI11IO Weingarten mode: confused :) maybe cat, fernbus or similar
copyriot Berlin Could someone give me a lift from Berlin to cccamp15, 12th (evening) or 13th (morning)
amoksepp Eschach sharing a cat.
Niklas Göttingen Train 2015-08-12 15:26 in Gransee
Jens München by cat, via Karlsruhe to pickup a friend (some spaaaaaace left) 12.08.2015, afternoon/evening
Garfield Karlsruhe by cat, will be picked up by Jens
Motu Weingarten travel by cat
w1kke Weingarten travel by cat
ben_k4t Ravensburg travel by cat
naderman Berlin travel by cat Wed 12th, afternoon
peritus Berlin travel by cat Wed 12th, afternoon
Woodstock Dresden travel by cat, can stop in Berlin and pick up up to two people around 9-10PM on the 12th
muzy Stuttgart travel in some cat arrival on 8th
Imizeropt Reutlingen Still planning how to arrive on the camp 11th 7:15-16:40 at Berlin ZOB
Baerli Berlin travel by cat 13th , around 4 pm
Sodoku Berlin travel by cat 12th , "morning" with Taknil

We've still people which need to get from Berlin to the Camp side. Maybe arrange an meeting in IRC or somewhere else. I recommend if you are more than three people rent a cat from Berlin to the camp side. It shouldn't be more expensive than ~40 euro for each, maybe less.


Big Tent

We've ordered one big tent 6x9 (54 m^2) for our awesome Frubar folks. We will also do our best to provide some tables, chairs and couches. The tent ordering is confirmed and already paid, so YES we've a tent :-)

If people from Berlin are able to bring some more tables (beer tables) and chairs (or maybe only beer benches) it would be nice!


User:Pent1ckel plan to buy an gas barbecue for the camp, so we will have BBQ. User:DrScream will provide a gas stove for all sorts of cooking, coffee making. We're still looking for someone who bring two big kettles. User:muzy plans to cook some meals. If you do have constraints such as eating a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free/whatever please send me a note.

Day Dish Comment/Constraints
?!? Chicken with vegetables in sweet-sour-sauce with rice can be made vegan
?!? Penne al Arrabiata easy, simple, yummy
all BBQ can be made vegan (never!, no vegetable will end on my BBQ)
?!? Fruites Some fruits in any kind of way would be nice
all Pasta User:Epsi provides 3 crates (6kg each) of assorted pasta (Korkenzieher, Hörnchen, Spätzle)
?!? Thüringer Roster User:Woodstock will bring a boatload of fine Thuringian sausages


The breakfast club costs 5 Euro per day and need to be payed for all day in advance. Please bring 25 Euro, cash to User:DrScream at the first day (morning) of the camp.

We got an special offer from the Singularity City about breakfast cooperation. Please add yourself if you're interested into the list below:

The idea is to serve breakfast for everybody from Frubar, if possible. Singularity City will take care of the food and bring a big kitchen, etc.



We do our best to provide some drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic) at our village for everybody. But please make also sure to have some water or other stuff by yourself if we run out of drinks. Special thanks to User:SKI11IO who make us an offer for FruBier again.

Delivered by dispatch department to Berlin
  • 5x FruBier
  • 3x FruRadler
  • 2x FruPils
Somehow to the Frubar HQ
  • Water (still required)
  • 3x Club-Mate Classic
  • 3x Flora Power
  • 5x Piranja Cola
  • 1x WOSTOK Birne-Rosmarine Bio
  • 1x WOSTOK Ingwer-Estragon
  • 1x WOSTOK Ferne Früchte
  • 3x Gösser Naturradler
  • 1x Roter Oktober Bier
  • 1x Quartiermeister Bier
  • 1x Schabrackentabier

Feel free to share your own drinks!

Other stuff we plan to bring

What Who Comments
240V power cables everbody please bring some 240V caples, adapters, etc.
power adapters everbody please bring your own power adapters you need
1x power cable reel / high voltage current, 25m User:DrScream
1x 240V power cable reel, 20m User:DrScream
1x 240V power cable reel, 20m User:Taknil
1x 240V power cable, 15m User:DrScream
1x 240V power cable, 10m User:DrScream
1x current generator User:Bro
1x 3kW online UPS User:Pent1ckel
What Who Comments
1x Uplink cables, ~80m, CAT5e User:Pent1ckel old cable but good enough for laying on the ground during camp
2x HP Procurve 48 Port Gigabit Switch User:Pent1ckel
Network cables everybody Please bring your own network cables if you need
What Who Comments
Analog human-powered 78rpm player User:Sling
Records User:Sling
Sound System User:Wiedi We've some speakers, etc.
What Who Comments
camping stove User:DrScream
small petrol camping stove User:Taknil
atomic kettle User:hAcky and User:muzy
pan User:muzy
cooking pot User:muzy
toaster User:hAcky
coffee machine User:hAcky. User:DrScream Cafissimo and Rancilio Silva
espresso capsules User:DocM
knife, fork, spoon everyone
regular coffee everyone We need Cafissimo Kapsels,
whisky + glasses User:Sling
rum User:DrScream
coffeee mug everyone
drinking glass everyone
cleaning equipment everyone soap, dish washing stuff
fan User:SKI11IO tent will most likely get very hot
ice cube machine User:SKI11IO to cool down drinks, short notice delivery, would be awesome if somebody could pick it up in berlin lichterfelde if it does not arrive before 11th
coffee beans, 2 V60, 2 Aeropress, Hario Mini Mill, atomic grinder User:Sodoku For the Coffeenerds Lite
What Who Comments
DMX Lights User:wiedi
DECT phone everyone
Soldering Station User:muzy
Soldering equipment User:muzy
Amateuer Radio User:bro BaoFeng, Kenwood, Things
Cuba Bot prototype User:skillio
photo camera User:epsi planning to do some fancy timelapse stuff / documentation of the camp - Canon EOS1100D/Sony A7ii
Computer stuff
What Who Comments
security camera User:wiedi stream tent inmates
your notebook everyone
beamer User:Pent1ckel
Tools and medicine
What Who Comments
cable straps everyone
GAFA-tapes User:hAcky, User:wiedi
cord User:DrScream
clothes line User:DrScream
hammer User:Pent1ckel
medicine everyone Please bring your drugs that you think you need
first aid equipment User:Pent1ckel
toilet paper everyone
Tables and Chairs
What Who Comments
4x tables User:DrScream Provided by the camp orga
10x chairs User:DrScream Provided by the camp orga
4x small beer tables User:DrScream For free, need to catch them on Sunday
4x small beer benches User:DrScream For free, need to catch them on Sunday
more tables everyone We need more tables, maybe:
more chairs everyone
IKEA Lack Table (small, for kneeling) User:Taknil

Money Money Money

Yes the camp costs money, yes it's vacation and yes we do our best to provide everything possible. This category contains some big invests we did so far. We're happy about any donation from you on the camp side :-)

Money Money Money
How much What Comments
tent, chairs, tables ~1.430 Euro
drinks (beer, limo, etc.) ~700 Euro
extra water day -1 / -2 ~60 Euro
meat 30kg ~220 Euro carlos
sausages ~50 Euro Woodstock
meat / nuernberger wednesday evening / thursday evening ~60 Euro pent1ckel
beer + coke, water reorder ~90 Euro ski11io

Photos & Videos

Photos: -> Download via Dropbox:

Aftermovie by epsi: