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Notes from these session, as documented by YuviPanda and edited by Moem. Thank you so much for sending me these notes! They are on this pad and will be updated from there. Moem (talk)

  1. (German company) does workshops, must maintain 1:1 men women ratio, will drop men if necessary. This seems to work.
  2. Facilities not maintained well, even at CAMP. People would have known if they were just asked. Awareness isn't actually rising, is falling down. Person speaking feels pessimistic.
  3. Going to get people young. Fablab, north of Brandenburg, work with young people. 50% girls enforced. (Quotas seem a popular idea). Got 3 to CAMP as well, and they have something that nobody can take away from them.
  4. More transparency of places where people fucked up, where we had misogynists, how we are doing better.
  5. Positive discrimination to be used carefully - it is very effective, even if it seems unfair.
  6. (Lack of) Confidence is a problem. Imposter syndrome.
  7. Manchester girl's geeks, women only. For men to get in you have to be only a +1 for some other woman.
  8. As undergrad, I felt stupid a lot of time. Confidence is a problem. Students shouldn't make other students feel stupid, should have a come down from someone with authority.
  9. Hate tech conferences, dancing at them, etc. Don't feel safe. Sexual harassment is a problem. Consent workshops might be useful. -How to get people who need them to take them? -Maybe if it becomes a culture, is cool. Some people don't identify on women-only spaces, and figure out how to move away from binary terms but still creating spaces welcoming for all women.
  10. Lack of female speakers at tech events. Lack of role models. Rails girls has a db of female experts. Long history of women workspaces in tech.
  11. Feminists hackerspaces in Vienna, and other places, there is a wiki too (google too)
  12. Allies should stand up for people when a CoC conflict / issue / non-safe feeling when the person involved is around, and show support.
  13. Parents have a role to play, show them a different world than what is normally seen as what women do.
  14. We need to change culture, we can't have a welcoming pipeline if the pipeline leads to a toxic environment.
  15. Difference when walking around with someone, people assume you are a WAG, become transparent. Just because she isn't with a guy doesn't mean you are a prospective date.Trying to help - backseat driving, there is no expectation that I can do it myself. More emphasis on the intro talk for more awareness across to everyone. Consent workshops are great, they spread exponentially. Getting the low hanging fruit is useful. Not dismissing it as a 'will the people who need it go there', it is like improving temperature of ocean. Would be nice to have a more formal ongoing women only / non-cismale session/event every day. Small hackspace in Glasgow, am the only female, it sucks, am going to help start something. Just buddies you know, even if you are a guy, it still help. Don't see people as potential girlfriend, be aware if you can support. We are going to be a bit insecure, we feel like prey, do not patronize us, ask questions without being patronizing. Meritocracy has problems because everyone assumes people starts from the same level of expertise. Guys talking to breasts is unacceptable. Just saying it is a meritocracy is not good enough, because everyone is starting elsewhere. Don't do the 'it happens to me as well!' as a man. Like how visas, it is invisible to you and it is not happening to you as well the same way, do not be dismissive. Just because it might also not happen to you sometime doesn't mean it doesn't happen to everyone else.
  16. Self confidence is most important point, you need a lot to go 'do not touch my computer, I know what I am doing'. Don't get upset - people are not malicious, just incompetent. Educate not attack
  17. Mentoring is a powerful tool. Lots of women who feel interested yet think it is not for them. Good step to just invite them, try things out...
  18. Call out when people are being talked over and help them complete what they wanted to say.
  19. has a more diverse demographic than other means.
  20. Fiona: People usually listen. Also imposter syndrome sucks. Things are changing, people are thankful for explanations. We should focus on collaboration and not conflict. Things are getting better!
  21. RevSpace has way too few female members and would love concrete ideas on how to improve that. Inviting women seems problematic when done by men.
  22. Invite women in a suitable framing: March 8 or Ada Lovelace Day. Invite women you know. Invite existing makerish/other groups. Be mindful of the ratio of men/women on pictures on the walls in the space.
  23. Speak up when people are being dicks, even when no women are present. But also while the victim is still in the room so they can know they are being supported. Dare to say 'Dude, not cool'.