Lightning:Lets get out of the geek's den: Hacking ICANN and IGF and the like

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Description 'This is an introduction to how internet governance such as ICANN, IGF, and policy works, and how to *hack* it."

Where can techies find the politicians, civil society members and others who have decisions making powers in making policy? In Internet governance venues such as IGF, you can meet and talk to those people that make the policies that seem never made sense. For example, you can meet those governments like the UK that want to ban encrypted messaging and argue with them whether not backdoors make any sense. After all, for more than 20 years encryption, we're pretty sure even the best government labs can't break what has been readily available, but there is still an assumption that governments can just make encrypted messages illegal! So, could techies tell Cameron why he cannot stop encrypted messaging by just banning services through passing a law? We think you can, by attending Internet Governance Forum and other similar internet governance forums, and by participating in various documents they produce, by telling them when they are wrong and the laws they want to pass are not possible to technically be implemented. You can also talk to those that come up with policies that affect the Domain Name System by participating at ICANN. Or even, if you can be bothered, get involved with policy-making! You can help the civil society and activists in better understanding the technical dynamics and perhaps come up with real solutions to problems such as limitation on freedom of expression. You can bring reality to those policy discussions, after all it is coders like you that actually know how the Internet works!

Tags igf, technical community, icann, internet governance, coders
Person organizing User:Farzaneh Badiei
Language en - English
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Duration 5
Desired session Day 2
Desired timeframe 16:30