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The airfield is the designated place to start and fly your flying objects.


  • Model rockets for kids launches
Saturday ~ 1100h (if wind allows)
  • Model rocket launches
Sunday ~ 1500-1700h (if wind allows)
  • Another Blimp launch
Sunday ~ 1400-1500
and maybe later

Where is the airfield?

Finally, a solution:

  • the small airfield is directly at the entrance (gate 2). Use it for demos and with smaller stuff.
    • No FPV.
    • No Racing.
    • No fixed wing aircraft.
    • The small airfield may vanish when more visitors arrive.
  • the main airfield will be in the north-west outside of gate 9 (N6) for bigger, faster or more dangerous stuff (model rockets, FPV racing, fixed wing).
    • You can reach the airfield via gate 9 (N6) in he north-east of the camp.
    • From gate 9, follow the tracks until you come to a road - the meadow to the right is the airfield. Follow the signs to the start point - the grass is lower there.
    • there is high grass on the meadow - see picture - unclear if something can be done about it.
    • Be careful with the horses and do not start nearby.

Flugfeld auf (map is unofficial and sometimes not reliable)

  • Official airfield will be the field in the north (~ 100m north of the camp site). FPV can be flown only there - there will be RFC 2322 compatible frequency management.
  • the small field on the campsite (east of heaven) will be available for everyone that does not need frequency management

Airfield North Of Camp

Airfield North Panorama 1.jpg

Airfield East Of Camp

Airfield East Of Camping.jpeg

  • this field is only temporary
  • be careful with the cars

Airfield East Rules.jpg

Airfield FAQ

  • I need something special.... / I want to help... / I have a question.
Dial 3584 (FLUG)
  • Can I fly anywhere else?
Not on the campsite. Rule of thumb: Do not fly over the heads of other people.
  • Under what conditions can I fly at the airfield?
Generally: if you have an electrically powered object with less than 5kg, then yes. If the object is heavier or powered by a combustion engine, or generally does not fall into the legal definition of "model aircraft", then you will need a special permission ("Aufstiegsgenehmigung").
Also take note that federal regulation requires that all aircraft that are flown need a proper insurance, regardless of their size, power and operating altitude. A standard private liability insurance ("Privathaftpflicht") is usually not covering damage caused by remote controlled aircraft. The insurance through a membership in a model aircraft association is the preferred procedure.
  • Can I fly FPV at the camp?
FPV flying is subject to german law; the exact conditions for FPV flying are subject of discussions, but in general you will need a second person (a spotter) that has the flying object in sight at all times and is able to take control at any time. The safe variant would be a buddy-box system.
In any case you will need to coordinate your use of analog video frequencies. Only transmitters in the 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz range are legal with an amateur radio license. There are very few channels available; some channels do overlap. We are working to organize a channel reservation system at the designated flying field.
Do not, under any circumstances, switch your FPV transmitter on without first checking with your receiver that the channel is unused, even if you have a frequency reserved!
Please enter your name and frequencies into the table below.
  • Can I fly with an analog remote control? (35Mhz, 433Mhz)
You will need to coordinate with other analog users. Please enter yourself into the list below. We will try to set a method of sage frequency distribution. Be aware that the camp is not exactly a radio emission free zone.

FPV frequencies

  • Legal frequencies in the 5.8GHz range are only from 5725 MHz to 5875 MHz @25mW max. That corresponds to the BOSCAM A and B bands (channels 1-8), and some channels from the F-Band (Airwave).
  • As neighbouring channels do overlap in practice, we will probably be only able to fit 4 simultaneous 5.8GHz band FPV flyers in the air, current proposal is this:
Nr. Channel A-Band Channel B-Band Channel F-Band
1 A2 (5845 MHz) B7 (5847 MHz) F6 (5840 MHz)
2 A4 (5805 MHz) B5 (5809 MHz) F4 (5800 MHz)
3 A6 (5765 MHz) B3 (5771 MHz) F2 (5760 MHz)
4 A8 (5725 MHz) B1 (5733 MHz) -
  • Boscam E Band has no legal channel in Germany (e.g. the popular RC305). Additionally, channels E1 and E5 will overlap with the above frequencies.

Frequency List

If you plan on flying anything, you can enter yourself into the list. In case you plan to use analog frequencies, be sure to make an entry. You do not need to specify channels, just frequency bands (except when you're unable to change them).

Who DECT/GSM What? FPV frequencies RC frequencies (dig/analog) Telemetrie Comment
Enno 3223 mini hex 5.8Ghz 2.4GHz Like this.
Enno, Volker ? 7m blimp 2.4GHz only when there is no wind
User:Raketenclub NOGO Rockets (P1) maybe xbee for telemetrie only when there is no or light wind
x4FF3 ? Blackout MiniH Quad Channel A6 5765MHz 2.4GHz as often as i can!
JayArr ? Flip260 Ch4 5800 Mhz 2.4GHz any racers here?
balrog ? crap wooden tricopter 0.9GHz band 433MHz w/ freq hopping
DataWorm ? MikroKopter (quad) 5.8GHz band 2.4GHz flying time < 2h/day, often in the evening
User:swaio ? Bumblebee (500 Quad) (5.8GHz) 2.4GHz Spektrum 433Mhz 3DR flying time < 2h/day
User:q3k 4Q3K The Electric Pope (250 quad) 2.4GHz w/ freq hopping telemetry at 2.4GHz, predefined channel no fpv, but can still race (poorly) :)
User:faheus ICMP S550 maybe 5.8GHz Video Downlink FrSky 2.4GHz searching for guys who will show me some manual ;)
User:Nooitaf ? TBS Gemini + Tarot 200 5.8GHz 2.4GHz Futaba race noob xD
User:TobiX 8624 SK450 (Hobbyking) 2.4GHz FlySky
User:phicoh Blade MCPX-BL 2.4 GHz Spectrum
User:christi UAVP-NG 0.24 (quad) 5860MHz 2.4 GHz
User:Rorist 2337 Nighthawk 250 quad CH8F1 5725 MHz 2.4 GHz HK6S w/ freq hopping learning fpv
User:Kai 220 Quad (2.4 Ghz WLAN) 2.4 GHz Spektrum DSM2 platform tests for fpv someday
_luc 4281 DJI Firewheel Hexa 5.8 GHz F1 (non-critical) 2.4 GHz
User:ploynog Village:C3D2 Flying Wing 2.4 GHz (Spektrum) LEDs for night flight
User:NeverFinished various quads... 5860MHz 2.4 Ghz FrSky brought fpv race gates
User:Lux 5899 250 h-quad, flying wing 2.4 Ghz FrSky some flying, trying gps flight on the wing
User:T4b_ hubsan micro-h fpv race mod, TBS Gemini 2.4 GHz S-FHSS noobing around with fpv racing
User:d0b A few flyduino quads 2.4 GHz DSMX (Spektrum), 5,8GHz Fatshark FPV