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[edit] Not so frequently asked questions

Please add you questions here, they will be migrated to [FAQ] if they are asked frequently enough.

  • Why would anyone ask a question again when it's already in here? Just wondering...
    • Popular questions tend to appear everywhere (camp-orga@, irc, ...), not just here ;)
      • OK... that makes sense! Thx.
  • The car next to mine made a scratch & dent in my car opening his door (the scratches match). Is there a way to contact the owner to discuss this ?

[edit] General Questions

[edit] Early or late arrival; At what times can I check in and enter the camp site? I might be arriving very late or very early in the morning?

The entrance where you can buy tickets should be open during the whole night.

[edit] Is there any official abbreviation for the Chaos Communication Camp? ccc2k7? 3c2k7? c3-2k7? something completly different?

It seems to be CC2007. But most of the time people just talk about it as 'the camp'.

[edit] Do you expect serious problems with theft on meetings of this kind? Are there any recommendations to protect small hardware like laptops?

See here. The best way to keep your valuables safe is probably to keep them in sight, or in a friend's sight.

[edit] Things to Bring

[edit] Is it allowed to use an espressomachine, a teakettle or similar stuff?

From the FAQ:

What about cooking? Will it be allowed to cook anywhere (either using open fire or electrical power)?

No open fire, but electrical (or camping-gas-stuff) is fine for us.

Logically an espressomachine is used for "cooking" and thus allowed. But don't bring a microwave. See here.

[edit] Would it be a good idea to bring one´s desktop pc with one? What can be done if it rains heavy?

One issue concerning hardware in tent environments is morning dew. However this affects not only desktop hardware, but any kind of electric contact or conductor exposed to humid air. Since desktop hardware is generally not very tightly enclosured, it is relatively sensitive to dew. Especially when it is not running for a while and therefore cold, it attracts dew like any other unheated object. To prevent your hardware from damage, you might want to bring some plastic bags to put your power plugs, desktop switches, or even computers inside and tie them up carefully.

A rather good prevention technique is to make sure there will be no condensation possible. This means not letting you equipment cool down, so leave your PC/monitor on during the night...

A few tips for placing your equipment:

  • don't place it in a poorly ventilated tent during a sunny day (too much heat; danger of fire)
  • don't place your PC on the ground, even a beer crate keeps ground water out
  • stand your pc upright, so the warm air raises through the box to the top and out of the back of the power supply.

Your most problematic equipment will be power connectors. Make sure you ALWAYS place them above ground and out of the rain.


If you are using your equipment when it gets wet, it may survive if you unplug it immediately. Most of the time electronics can get wet without a problem if there is no current flowing through it. It will probably work fine if you let it dry out entirely before powering it up again. (The same isn't necessarily true for mechanics, such as motors in a DVD-ROM.)

Anyway, your biggest problem will be the really sunny days when it doesn't rain. 40C+ means that you have to make sure that your equipment gets good ventilations and check if your air filters and fans get clogged with dust. Bring spares...

After all said; YES, BRING YOUR EQUIPMENT. Believe me, going to a hacker camp without computer(s) is like drinking alcohol free beer: It tastes the same but you miss out most of the fun :-)

[edit] Hey, can I use my Caravan over there? Is there a way to park and camp close to the event?

Yes. There will be a dedicated Caravan-Area.

[edit] What is the requirement for a vehicle to enter the Caravan-Area? Is a "bulli" or "sprinter" allowed?

Everything that has wheels and you sleep in it can and has to stay there. If it has wheels, and you dont sleep in it, it has to stay on the parking place. If it has no wheels, like a tent, you can stay in all other designated camping areas. Bascially: Use common sense, after all.

[edit] What about motorbikes, can I park it next to my tent or do I have to leave it on the parking lot? I like to have a look at my bike.

  • Same question here. It's not just that the bike's nice to look at, it's also much more vulnerable than a car. I want it to be next to where I sleep. Perhaps it would be an option to let bikers (I doubt there will be more than 5 motorcycles total, judging from experience at WTH) pick a spot at the edge of a field, so they can park the bike next to their tent and never need to cross the field during the camp? Also, my experience is that the bike doesn't get used much during the camp and mainly just sits peacefully next to the owners tent. Personally I'd rather sleep in the parking lot than leave my 50 years old bike out there by itself. Of course, the general rule of 'use common sense and don't be a nuisance to others' applies here.

[edit] Are there any hotels nearby if you prefer to live indoors?

HRS shows only one in Finowfurt, the Hotel Auberge, which is about three kilometres away from the campground. And you will miss quite a lot of fun.

[edit] Will there be a lovely lake?

Yes, there is a lake.

[edit] How far away is the lake, its not on the map?

It's about 1.5km to the east, or about a 15 minute walk. We have an old bus on the ground, if it still works and we find drivers, we might organize a bus shuttle.

[edit] What are the coordinates of the lake, there are several lakes nearby?

[edit] Is it really of the lovely kind (not many plants/rocks below the surface i.e. safe to swim there)

There shouldn't be any really hostile creatures in german lakes, excepting maybe some home-hacked remote controlled atomic submarines ;-)

[edit] Yes, but what about the plants and rocks?

They'll devour your body and bones.

[edit] I understand that the campsite is also a museum. Does that mean random people who are visiting the museum will be walking around the campsite too?

Q: I was just wondering if the museum would be open to the public whilst we are there, or that the museum would be closed, or our campsite is off limits for visitors.'Drones, attack!' heh.

A: The museum is open to visitors during its opening hours from 10am to 5pm. But most of the exhibition will be moved away from the part we use for the Camp so they probably can avoid to be attacked by drones. Furthermore we sell the entrance tickets to them so we can inform them about the situation and have a look at suspicious people.

[edit] Is there an ATM/other money withdrawal point nearby, and where?

See Location.

[edit] Language

[edit] Also, I presume most material presented will be in German. Will there be translation service available for us Language challenged Yanks?

As for most CCC events, preferred language is english, most (but not all) talks are held in english.

also Feel free to drop by the Embassy for some integration tips (language, drinks, culture, etc)

also Translation & other cultural rescue services for US citizens will be offered by Camp Anaconda.

also the GameDesigners Village is offering you free (as in speech) cultural exchange, a place to set up your tent and a bit of Austrian (as in "no kangoroos but alps") flair. On pre-order (see contact on village site) we'll try to bring you some real austrian beer, too. And yes, all workshop will be in english.

[edit] My English and German are not so great.

So what? There are people from all over the world coming to events like these who haven't good English/German knowledge. Last events it has worked out quite nicely. As the Final Call says:

"The conference languages are English and German. Don't worry about language issues though – the Camp is a truly international event! Everyone will be happy to communicate with you in the languages of the Internet - broken English and 1337speak."

[edit] What about polish people? Somebody from poland comming?

No. We do only expect participants from Siberia. Just the organisational crew will be from germany.

Seriously: The camp is a truly international event, and there will be participants from all over the world, we currently get mails from some countries we even were not aware where they are located before. You can for sure expect several people from poland, too - actually, even our organisational crew features several people from poland.

[edit] Facilities

[edit] Is there an IRC channel?

Yes - join #camp on !

[edit] Is there any history of amateur (ham) radio at the camps? - mut3

Yes. See for details.

[edit] Will there be bikes for rent?

Not on the campground - but there is apparently a possibility to rent bikes in Finowfurt. Please contact those guys directly.

There might be a guest-organized bikesharing.

[edit] Will there be a FKK (Freikörperkultur) site on the camp?

No. We will not designate a specific area for any kind of clothing - or non-clothing. Feel free to wear whatever you want as long as you dont offend the people around you.

[edit] How far is it from where you can park your car to the camp?

For taking out all your stuff from your trunk, you're able to use the campground's own street-ways. But be careful: if you're arriveing lately, you'll get problems. Try to ensure to be early. If you've got a large car, your chances aren't getting any better. Unless... 300m will be a normal walk.

[edit] Will there be a lovely coffebar like at camp 2003?

Probably yes. We will at least try to get them to the camp ;)

[edit] Am I in need to participate in a particular village or is there a "village-free" zone also?

Villages are scattered all over the camping ground, usually with some "central" tent and default sleeping tents around it. It is up to you where you place your tent, and if you kind of "feel" assigned to the village next to you or something like that - there is nothing like a specific border or designated "tent belongs to village foo" stuff going on.

[edit] Will the food taste like on WTH05 ore more like on Camp 2003?

It will taste like Camp 2007. Seriously, I dont get that question. :)

Then you haven't been at WTH05 or the Camp 2003. ;) The food will be similar to the one at Camp 2003. No big dutch catering company but some hand-picked independent food stalls. I heard something about baguettes with serrano ham and manchego cheese for breakfast and fresh pizza for lunch. And good coffee of course.

[edit] Will the satai people from the 2003 camp be there?

[edit] Will there be some kind of party place with music and room to dance/jump around/swing your limbs?

There will be the Art & Beauty Shelter with a nice lounge. Nights there will be danceable music now and then. Especially when the AudioVillage gets their hand on the equipment.

[edit] How big a camping space can I have? - for example can I put up a 8 metre by 7.5 metre tent? (including guy ropes)

- I am disabled (not wheelchair) if that is relevant.

[edit] Unsorted

[edit] What are these two big yellow metal-things on the camping ground near shelter foo?

[edit] When will there be some kind of list with lectures, since the first cfp ended 15th of may ?

Yes, we will publish a list of confirmed lectures as soon as possible. The reviewing process takes some time but we published a list at the begin July latest.

[edit] Who did the music for the camp-2007-preview.mp4 Video?

[edit] Are there any recordings I can get of the discussions and seminars, I am unable to attend this conference, but I am quite interested in what is to be said and what is to be learned from it.

Recordings and presentations of the lectures in the lecture halls will be available some time after the Camp. Workshops and smaller events usually don't get recorded.

[edit] Is there some kind of hardware store? E.g. if want´s to buy additional fans because of unprediced heat or additional hdds because the ones brought with one are full

No, sorry.

[edit] How to come from Berlin to Eberswalde?

See Getting there.

[edit] When will the shuttle service from the trainstation be available?

[edit] What's about taking photos and maybe filming?

The north-eastern part of the camp site is our "no camera zone". Taking pictures or movies there is strictly prohibited. This zone will be clearly marked in the camp plan and by signs at the camp site. Please respect the privacy of our participants.

Filming and taking photographs is generally possible. Visual recordings of lectures are permitted. In any case, no visual recordings of the audience are permitted.

The participants of the Chaos Communication Camp insist on their right to their own image. Therefore even when events are recorded no pictures of participants may be taken unless explicit permission is granted.

Participants decide by themselves if they want to be photographed or filmed in any way. Please respect this right all the times.

With the exception of the no-camera zone, cameras are allowed at the Camp. If you use your photography equipment within the no-camera zone you will be banned from the Camp area.

Same rules apply to audio.

[edit] Will there be a police bus on the camp?

No. German laws require no police at the camp site yet. But there will be police and the camp is not immune from prosecution.

  • will it also offer workshops?

No. But we pondered about asking police forensic experts to give a talk.

[edit] Will there be FTP servers running which can be accessed by people who can't get to the camp?

The visitors will of course have the possibility to put up any and all equipment they have however we might use some basic shaping and traffic limiting techniques to assure that there will be fair use of the available bandwidth.

[edit] Is there anyone interested in setting up a Chaostreff in Thuringia?

[edit] Tickets

[edit] Is there also a discount on the tickets for starving college students or unemployed people?

Short answer: No. Longer answer: We know that some of you cannot afford the entrance fee, no matter how low we make it. We also realize that this is a problem and, like life in general, is unfair at times. At the end of the day, the Camp is a low-cost event in comparison to most festivals or conferences and we like it that way. Including discounts for every possible group with financial hardships would make the whole Camp more expensive for everyone else. That being said, we are still pondering some ideas on how to help those who cannot afford it on a case by case basis. If we find a solution for that, we will let you know, but don't hold your breath.

[edit] Will there be a discount for anybody else?

Pupils and Members of the CCC e.V.

[edit] How many people are included in a company-ticket?

All our tickets are for one single person. A company ticket is usually being bought by companies sending their employees to the camp in combination with sponsoring our camp - and getting a surprise present, too, of course.

[edit] Is food (or at least mate) included in the ticket price?

'Fraid not. Read this and you'll know why.

[edit] When does presale end?

[edit] I forgot to enter the processing string when sending you the money. What should I do?

[edit] How can I get a receipt (for a normal presale ticket) afterwards, because I forgot to ask at the entrance?

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