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[edit] Camp-Ground?

The Camp-Ground is located in Finowfurt near Eberswalde. See Location for details.

[edit] By Train

The next Trainstation is Eberswalde. It is not sufficient to travel to Berlin (still 40 kilometres left, then). There will be a shuttle from the Trainstation to the Camp-Ground. If you plan to use our shuttle, please add yourself to the list at Trainstation!

Several trains run directly from big cities like Cologne/Duesseldorf/Kassel (IC 2457) or Amsterdam (IC 143) to Eberswalde, your final camp trainstation. While those trains are not faster than the German highspeed train ICE, it might be useful not having to change the train with all the camping equipment.

[edit] By bus

If you for some reason wont use the shuttle (e.g. because you arrive before the shuttle starts), take the bus "910" from Eberswalde Hbf to "Finowfurt, Post". You might want to use this website to plan the trip - the website is even capable to plan the whole trip from e.g. "Flughafen Schönefeld" to "Finowfurt, Post". From there, just walk towards the "Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt". It is about 2100 metres to walk!

[edit] By plane

Please use this website to figure out the fastest way to get from the Airports Schönefeld, Tegel or Tempelhof in Berlin to the Camp Ground. Use Eberswalde Hbf as target destination, and use the shuttle from there to the camp ground. If you plan to use our shuttle, please add yourself to the list at Trainstation!

Can a Berliner post here where a traveler should buy tickets, and the approximate cost of the train/bus tickets? The timings on the BVG web site don't leave any time for buying tickets, etc, at the transfer points, which means we will miss the transfers if we need to pause in a ticket queue to figure out the system. And their link to "tariff information" leads to a homepage, rather than showing the tariff for the route you selected. For example, can I buy a ticket at Tegel that works for the whole journey? Or must I buy a TXL bus ticket, then a U/S-bahn ticket and then buy a separate IC or RE ticket to Eberswalde? Also, can I buy tickets for my return journey while I am arriving, to avoid hassle or delay when trying to catch a plane out of CCC? Danke schoen!

I just called the BVG Callcenter (030 19449) and the very helpful guy on the phone told me to buy a "ABC plus Landkreis" - Ticket at a BVG Service Point at the Airport. It covers the entire trip from TXL to Eberswalde and is 5€ for a single trip and 10€ for a daypass. I think you can also buy the return ticket there.

The public airport Finow (EDAV) is the one next to the camp. However, two remarks apply here: There are no public flights to that airport, only private chartered flighs, and the tower and exit of the airport is at the opposite end of the airport. It is about three kilometres distance between the airport and the camp ground, you might want to arrange a shuttle or something.

[edit] By car

If you are planning to drive and have some space in your car or your looking for a ride, check the ride wiki By_car here. For directions - from the Autobahn A11, find the Exit "Finowfurt" (12) on the A11. Follow the ugly scheme found here then - it is rather easy to find, just head towards Finowfurt center, and then follow the signs to the "Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt".

Note: We are running low on parking space. Do come if you want to, do enter the entry and be advised on where to park, but expect some queuing and time consumption. Thanks!

Note2: The Exit on the Location actually is the ENTRY. There are signs set up to direct you (orange paper, black icons), and there may be staff. It is "ONE WAY STREET" on the parking lot, but just the other way round.

[edit] By bike

If you are lucky to have sbd. with a car to put all your camping equipment in, you might as well come by bike. The area is great for bike tours, and it might be useful to have a bike around at the camp anyway. A nice tour of about 50km from train station Oranienburg (terminal stop of Berlin S-Bahn S1) to Finowfurt is described here (in german). From train station Eberswalde to the camp check here.

[edit] Travel Communities

You'd like to come, but all the way alone is too far - or to expensive? (Petrol in Germany is extremely expensive, remember!) Well then here's the solution: Join a traveling community and find people near to you, that are willing to travel with you to Berlin in August. Sorted by train, bus, plain, transport-drone, NASA rocket... and so on traveling.

[edit] Join Now!

Travel Communities

[edit] From the United States

Hackers on a Plane is a Hacker Foundation project designed to bring US hackers in closer contact with their European counterparts and facilitate exchange between the European and US hacker cultures.

For $1,337.00 for US/CAN passport holders (or €1,337.00 for EU passport holders) travelers receive:

  • Admission to DefCon in Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt
  • Flight on the "Hackers on a Plane" charter flight from Frankfurt to Finow Airport
  • Admission to all days of CCC2007
  • Sleeping quarters and 3 daily buffet meals in Camp Anaconda
  • Return flight to select destinations in the USA (or flight to Las Vegas for DefCon for EU citizens.)

Hotel rooms at the Riviera hotel where Defcon is being held are available for an extra fee. Contact info at to make arrangements.

[edit] From Switzerland

Easyjet seems to me the best way to get there from Switzerland. For your convenience, here is the timetable.

Basel -> Berlin Schoenefeld

6,7,8,9,10 Aug.

dép. 08:40, arr. 10:05

dép. 16:50, arr. 18:15

dép. 21:25, arr. 22:50

Berlin Schoenefeld -> Basel

11 Aug.

dep. 07:00, arr. 08:25

dep. 19:25, arr. 20:50

12 Aug.

dep. 08:00, arr. 09:25

dep. 15:05, arr. 16:30

dep. 19:35, arr. 21:00

13 Aug.

dep. 06:50, arr. 08:15

dep. 15:05, arr. 16:30

dep. 19:35, arr. 21:00

Geneva -> Berlin Schoenefeld

6,7,8,9,10 Aug: dep. 16:55, arr. 18:35

Berlin Schoenefeld -> Geneva

11 Aug: dep. 15:10, arr. 16:50

12 Aug: dep. 15:45, arr. 17:25

13 Aug: dep. 14:45, arr. 16:25

Zurich hackers may travel with swiss flight company

[edit] From the Netherlands

[edit] Eurolines

One of the cheapest ways to get there is by bus. Eurolines sells return tickets for 89 euros. They have several departure points in the Netherlands and it's quite possible to arrive Augustus 8th in the morning and leave Augustus 12th or 13th. Better make a reservation now!

[edit] International Train

Another option is the international train. Under rather specific and mysterious circumstances it appears to be possible to book a return ticket for just 58 euros. Check it out here. Book early, at least two weeks in advance (but why not right now?), for the Low-Fixed Special Berlijn rate! Train takes you at least 7 hours, it is a nice but very very long ride.

  • This rate is only valid when traveling from one of these stations: Schiphol, Amsterdam Zuid, Duivendrecht, Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Apeldoorn, Deventer, Almelo or Hengelo.

[edit] Plane

Transavia will fly you retour for ~138 EUR from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) to Berlin Tegel (TXL) in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Including check-in and travel to/from the airport this takes about 3 hours. Of course it will be fun taking a laptop and other computer equipment along and a tent ;)

[edit] From Austria

Some groups are planning a group-flight arrangement together from vienna, leaving the capital in the morning the day before the camp, returning the day after. Additional benefits of joining the gang include luggage transport arrangements (for that heavy tent stuff), bus shuttle from Tegel to the camp area, as well as participation in the village, which will include food and the joy of being with us ;)

Organisations as well as persons warmheartedly welcome

Signup: (German)

The village (never mind the working title) in this wiki: MetaVille

[edit] From Berlin To Finowfurt

what if you come to berlin with some non.usual transportation (trucky, hitchhiking) and you are completly lost in germany (never been there, dont speak the language) any tips for getting to finowfurt ?

-> which trainstation to find in berlin ? -> where in finowfurt you want to end, to be closest to the camp ? -> where are some good hitchhiking spots ? :P

i used to plan my trip .... as a starting station i choose berlin (Alt-Gatow) and as my final destination i choose Finowfurt, Post now ehm ... it says i have to change ride 3 times ... let me just paste it here

Alt-Gatow (Berlin) 	  	  	11:45 	Bus X34 Bus X34 	
S Messe Nord/ICC   	  	  	12:06
S Messe Nord/ICC   	  	  	12:15 	S41 S41 	
S+U Gesundbrunnen Bhf 	3 	  	12:29 	

S+U Gesundbrunnen Bhf 	9   	  	12:39 	RE3 RE3 	
Eberswalde, Hauptbahnhof 3 	  	13:06 	

Eberswalde, Hauptbahnhof 	  	13:19 	Bus 910 Bus 910 	
Finowfurt, Post 	  	  	13:39 	

Duration: 1:54; runs Mo - Fr, not 3., 31. Oct

and then when i click on tarife ... it says Einzelfahrausweis Regeltarif 5,00 EUR

does this mean its 5€ for all 3 rides toghether ? if not, how much does it cost ?

-> It costs 5 Euro alltogeher. You can buy the ticket in the bus. If you're still in doubt, just ask the bus driver when entering the bus and buying the ticket.

The VBB-Fahrinfo website is available in english btw.
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