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The Camp Network provides Internet access for everybody.

There will be enough bandwidth to satisfy any needs - every host will get an public, routable IPv4 and/or IPv6 address (as in: no NAT).


[edit] Setup

We are going to set up:

  • a huge fiber backed (10 Gbps) network at the site.
  • Distribution of wired network on-field is done in part by using Datenklos.
  • Multiple independent Internet uplinks from various providers in Berlin.
  • 300 Mbps uplink

[edit] Access

[edit] Wired

In order to get connection to your nearest Point of Presence, it is also wise to bring at least one long (as in 20m++) Category 5 Ethernet cable.

Don't forget to bring enough switches or hubs to cover your internal networking needs and a PDU to plug it all in!

[edit] Wireless

The area will be covered with two separate WiFi-networks:

However, camp is nontrivial for wlan, we recommend not to rely on it. We DON'T have enough spectrum for even somebody! WiFi is a shared medium, please don't forget to bring and use your cables!

[edit] Wireless FixIP settings

  • Net:
  • Netmask
  • Gateway:
  • DNS: or

You get your PEG with your IP at the NOC Helpdesk inside the Hackcenter

[edit] Desks

The Hackcenter offers a public place to operate your machines.

[edit] Safer Surfing hint

Specify a fixed ARP Address: "arp -s 00:0C:DB:FD:23:00" Install Squid/another Proxy at home, block it's port from the Internet. Do "ssh -L 3128:localhost:3128" Change your proxy in your browser to localhost:3128 Test it by going to

Simpler: Do "ssh -D 8000", and point your browser to socks proxy at port 8000 localhost.
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