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[edit] About

The Hackcenter is a shelter featuring 350 m² space for everybody. You can bring your computer here and meet with many people. There will be chairs, tables, connectivity and maybe some more comfortable things, to give you some nice place to hang out.

[edit] Info-Desk

The Hackcenter also offers an InfoDesk where you can get any information about the Camp you might need, a booth with you the computer equipment you forgot at home, books and other useful resources.

[edit] Help-Desk

The NOC Help Desk are the go-to guys and gals for any network-related emergency you might experience.

Need your cable plugged in? Need a cable crimped? Need to dump a server? Need to find out why this @)#*$^(%# Internet thing is broken again? Need to get rid of some Mate or other drinks? This is the place.

[edit] Merchandising

Between 3pm and 10pm you can buy Camp-Shirts, BSD stuff and other nice things there.

[edit] Hardware Store

Between 1pm and 7pm fux data will sell cables, memory and other stuff you forgot to bring.

[edit] Notes

The Camp is NOT a LAN party. We won't provide space for gamers and there will be no exceptions to the rule. The same goes for warez traders.

The Hackcenter in no place to camp. Please use the field to "camp" :-)

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