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There is a Freifunk-Network (WiFi-Meshcloud with OLSR-Routing) at the camp. It is maintained by Freifunk Leipzig and we started during the building and setup period before the camp starts.

Laptops will get an IP via DHCP to join the network automatically. Better is to have an own Mesh-Node, and connect the PCs via cable.

Feel free to bring your Accesspoint to the camp and join the mesh-network. The best Hardware is a Asus WL-500GP or Linksys WRT54GL. Other Hardware - link D-Link - is useless for this case, please leave it at home.

somewhat complete node plan WARNING: 1.1MB .png file


We are using 2.412 Ghz (b/g channel 1) with a fixed BSSID and the Meshrouting-Protocols OLSR (working) and later at camp B.A.T.M.A.N. (testing). If you have a Mesh-Node or a Laptop for mesh (NOT recommended!) You can also phone us, only type "MESH" to call us.

The are some Internet-Connection: DSL2+ and also 3g (UMTS) beside the main Camp-Internet we will use to connect to the internet. Please beware of heavy using our network, WiFi is a shared medium!

internet is tricky:


example of our firmware:


example of some of our network-problems (we are going to fix it with B.A.T.M.A.N.)


The Freifunk-Network will be connected to the Rest of the Camp-Network an we will have VPN-Tunnels to other Freifunk-Networks (Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg, Hannover, Leisnig, Halle, Weimar, Vienna, ???)


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