Here you can add yourself if you could provide a place at your home for travelling hackers attending the congress. Thanks!

List of provided couchsurfing places

List of Couchsurfing Places

  places total places free available from available to distance from cch in km public transport to cch in minutes description
!Frankie 2 0 21 December 2013 30 December 2013 20 45 I have one Guestroom with one large Bed. Can be shared by two people if they are not afraid of physical contact. I can also offer a couch in my living room. Can also be shared by two people.
Diotleib 2.5 0 27 December 2013 31 December 2013 6.2 25 We are especially looking for guests with children as our daughters will be at the 30c3 as well. We can provide space for up to two adults travelling with kid(s).
Mad ten 5 -1 2 November 2013 3 January 2014 6.3 30 We have a free room in our shared flat. From door to door its 30 minutes by subway/train from here to CCH/30C3 location
Trurl 1 0 26 December 2013 31 December 2013 4 15 free bedroom
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