Description A lot of code around is making creation of working software not that easy. A lecture or course about SW may trick even more. So, what is nonetheless working, what is supporting the creation? Is prototyping producing matter? Is prototyping expensive? Those questions will be topic and real examples will be shown.
Type Workshop
Keyword(s) hacking
Person organizing Sebastian Krug
Language de - German, en - English
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I wanna show results from software development projects/processes. I wanna speak about ideas, about resources. I wanna speak about things that support, about things that trick even more. It will be possible to speak about real proprietary software. Examples of working sofware will also be available to a curious audience. All in all I wanna speak about SW and the creation. The programming language will be C/C++, the tools which will be used to demonstrate will either be Visual C++ or gcc.

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