Description After a short introduction to Bitcoin and a quick how to we will organize a Satoshi Square on the 30C3. A Satoshi Square is a self organized market place were people can trade bitcoin against fiat or whatever face to face. If you have bitcoin and wanna sell, bring them along. If you want bitcoin, bring a fitting device (Smartphone, Notebook) and some spare fiat money (e.g. Euros).
Type Hands-On
Keyword(s) political, software, security
Person organizing Levino
Language de - German, en - English
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Subtitle Introduction to, how to and trading bitcoin.
Starts at 2013/12/28 11:00:00 AM
Ends at 2013/12/28 12:00:00 PM
Duration 60 minutes
Location Hall D

Bitcoin might be a little confusing in the beginning and it is difficult to grasp its benefits at first glance. Even more difficult is it to get your hands on your first bitcoin. That is why I would like to provide a short introduction and organize a Satoshi Square. A Satoshi Square is a self organized bitcoin market, named after the nickname of the creator(s) of bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you wanna buy bring a fitting device (Smartphone, PC) and some money, if you wanna sell bring your bitcoins.

I explicitly invite critics of bitcoin as well. Feel free to ask your questions or raise your doubts about bitcoin.

My name is Levin Keller. I am currently organizing the local Meetup Group for Bitcoiners in Munich. I also blog about Bitcoin in German on I think that Bitcoin - which was created by cryptoanarchists in 2008 - is one of the most disruptive challenges against the established and poorly designed financial system. It promises immense benefits for it's users.

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