Description A discussion on online anonymity and pseudonymity. Among other things, we'll be exploring when nyms do NOT work.
Type Workshop
Keyword(s) social, political
Processing assembly Milliways
Person organizing Aestetix
Language en - English
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Subtitle Introduction, Discussion
Starts at 2013/12/28 04:00:00 PM
Ends at 2013/12/28 05:00:00 PM
Duration 60 minutes
Location Milliways

This session will be a brief introduction to the world of names and nyms-- pseudonyms, polynyms, anonyms, and more! We'll cover some fundamentals of how names work and why, and then explore the challenges we're encountering as we try to bring name-related systems into technology. We'll also take a look at the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, a US-government group tasked with solving many of today's challenges, and see how they are doing.

After that, we'll brainstorm on situations when a nym is *not* acceptable, and how we might work around those times.

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