Description This is a session for all people interested in Board and Cardgames. Bring your games!
Type Game
Keyword(s) game, inside
Person organizing Detmud
Language de - German, en - English
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Let's meet after (between or during) the talks in the Chillout Area on the 4th floor to play some board or card games. We have two tables and some couches near the windows reserved for us (including a wonderful view over Hamburg).

I would limit this to games that can be easily transported. So better don't bring your Warhammer 40k armies and all your terrain for it.

Please feel free to add the games you are willing to bring, or list games you'd like to play but can not bring yourself for whatever reason.

Name of the Game Type max Players Requested by Contributed by
Netrunner Card 2 Stylesuxx
Quarriors! Dice 4 Stylesuxx
Neuroshima Hex! Board 4 Stylesuxx
Lords of Waterdeep Workerplacement 5 Detmud
Chez Geek Card`s 5 Detmud
Smash Up Cards 4 Detmud
Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000 Cards 4 Detmud
Story War Card 8? more possible Ker
Chinese chess (XiangQi) with western/chinese hybrid pieces Board 2 Sping, contact me please!
Qwirkle Tiles 2- 4 WuChuyun

Please add your name here, if you are interested in playing - or write @Detmud, just to make sure it is worth to bring the games all the way to Hamburg:

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