It was the case on previous events and it still stands, workshops are one of the main activities of fhb. You are welcome to join them (donation based no one turned away for luck of funds) and/or give them. Sharing something what you believe should be in, get in touch on the fhb discuss or with me (Algoldor) directly and lets see how to make it happen.Workshops are donation based, costs below €50 are easy to cover, up to €100 doable on regular bases, if you have costs higher than that, we have been there before and it worked out too but lets plan bit more in that case ...

It is up to you to decide if you want to get the ingredients for the workshop by yourself first and get reimbursed during the event (that is very good for us), or we get you want you want and the it is covered from the workshops profit! The general guideline is that if you give workshop you should end up at least on €0 certainly not in minus. At the last events you and your partner/friend ate the day when you gave workshop for free, we will try to apply the same for this event :-) (however mind you we are not suppose to cater official for anyone, however within the group it should be OK). We use workshops to get resources for the fhb projects so if you give a workshop and you end up in plus, it is great if you share some of the profit with fhb, more better, generally 30-50% for fhb sounds great! :-)

If you can get in touch concerning giving a workshop in advance and plan few months or at least few weeks before the 30c3 that would be great! However we did workshops on the last minute bases too so ... If you are not confident about giving a workshop just get in touch or just pop in, you can always experiment on an "unofficial" bases and see how it goes. Many times people just flock around.

This is going to be first time when we plan to build up proper workshop place on an outdoor event which we dedicate to food&beverage and bio related activities. It should hold up to 20 people for hands on workshops or so.

The time slots proposed for the workshops at fhb are below, if you have some specific need or request please get in touch.

You can take for example Kombucha is easy as a muster for creating your own workshop page, just an idea to keep a bit of "structure here".

Day Time Workshop title Description Name/nick of tutor Frab/Program Status
Day 1 14:00
Day 3 16:00 Kombucha is easy! Prepare your own kombucha culture and beverage Algoldor
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